Cheap Zoanthropes: 6-pack of Alien Brains from Trollforge Available

Image by Eiko

Months ago (probably bordering on years ago really), I was looking for conversions for a suitable Doom of Malan’tai.  GW was also charging an atrocious amount for Tyranid Zoanthropes (not that their prices have somehow come down since then, mind you) and I’m particularly fond of them, so I was looking for a cheap way to pick them up as well.  Between these, I stumbled upon a mini called Alien Brain from Trollforge miniatures.

Actually, I found a conversion using the Trollforge Alien Pod, Alien Brain, and some rending claws from the Tyranid Warrior boxed set, over at Warpshadow, but I can’t seem to find it again to link to it.  In short, it was fantastic.

Anyway, time passed and I forgot about the brains (I had 8 zoanthrope models already, and though the trollforge models are reasonably cheap at $9.99, I didn’t see the need to have a ton of them lying around (considering they’re not GW models and, as such, aren’t tournament legal, and I was only one short of the most I could legally field in a standard game anyway).

So, why am I writing about this now?  Well, I’d subscribed to a post over at Dilusions of Grandeur, where he had done a review of the models (a good read, if you’re interested in them, by the way), and someone had dug up the old post and commented that these bad boys are now available even cheaper in a six-pack.   Whereas they were previously $60 for 6, you can now get them as low as $40 for 6 (a 33% discount for those mathematically challenged folks out there).  I’m not a huge fan of the “Face Eater” (tentacle) head, so I would throw in the extra $5 to ensure that I got all “blade face” models.  Though I managed to pick up a 9th zoanthrope already, and had no need to “ever” have more (aside from Apoc), a part of me is dying to pick up a unit of these.  Is that wrong?

Although, with the new 6th edition rules allowing you to field as many as 18 of these guys (with the 2nd Force Organization Chart unlocking at 2,000 points), there’s some reason that a person who already owns 9 zoanthropes might legitimately “need” to buy more!

Anywho, if you’re out there looking for zoanthropes, but don’t want to pay GW’s top dollar prices ($24.75 each, for the record).  I’d suggest looking at the six pack of Alien Brains from Trollforge, even if you pick the specific head you want, it’s a 70% discount from GW’s prices (before shipping).  For you fellow cheapskates out there, take a gander…

Image Credit: Polish painter Eiko.  See his work on Cool Mini or Not here.


4 comments on “Cheap Zoanthropes: 6-pack of Alien Brains from Trollforge Available

    • He’s got some other “alien” models, but I didn’t see anything else that had such a direct translation to a Tyranid unit. It wouldn’t hurt if they poked around his site to check though. Glad to help.

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