My Lastest Purchase: Another IG Army

This post will surely be lost in a massive swell that is 6th edition rumormill, but that’s ok.  Honestly, I haven’t purchased (or even seen) a sixth edition rulebook yet, so I’ve very little idea what’s going on there.  I intend to wait for the starter set to come out, since I have a hard time justifying a $75 rulebook, and I really prefer the smaller format anyway.

So, I’ll write about something that I have a bit of knowledge of: spending money.

From time to time, I check craigslists for deals, and I recently stumbled upon a guy selling an IG and a Sisters force.  By the time I got to it, only the IG was left, and after some discussion, we were able to agree to a price.  So, I’m now the (proud?) owner of yet another IG army.  The contents of the purchase included:

  • 5x Chimeras (one painted, three primed, and one still on the sprue in the box) at $37.25 –  $186.25
    (this doesn’t include the fact that three models are glued in as tank commanders, and excludes that two of these have forgeworld heavy bolter turrets (about a $30 value)
  • 2x Hellhounds (1 painted, one is still in the box) at $49.50 – $99.00
  • 4x Sentinels (primed/partially painted at $30 – $120
  • 34x Karskin (1 sarge, 15 lasguns, 4 of each special weapon and one additional grenade launcher)  at $4.125 – $140.25
  • 9x Heavy Weapons Teams (assembled, one has paint and one is a classic metal heavy bolter) at $13.17 each – $118.50
  • 45x Cadian Troops (most bare plastic w/ lascannons) at $2.90 each – $130.50
  • 5x Metal Cadian Special Weapons (3x Plasma, 2x Melta) at $7.50 each – $37.50
  • 6x Metal Cadian Command Squad Models (vox, medic, +4 sarges) at $7.50 each – $45
  • 4x Cadian Snipers at $7.50 each = $30
  • 10x Ratling Snipers (older models, painted) at $4 each – $40
  • 1x Creed (metal) – $19.25
  • 1x Kell (metal) – $21.50
  • 1x Commissar (metal) – $13.25
  • 1x Commissar Yarrick (metal) – $19.25
  • 1x Female Commissar (price approximate) – $40

That brings the grand total to $1090.25 (I’ve included the price for the FW turrets in there).  Granted, this purchase actually counts against me in my frugal gaming log, but I’m sure that I can offset my original investment relatively easily.

Also with the lot, I got a bunch of sprues that contain misc pieces.  There are a few tank upgrade bits lying around (dozer blades, and the like), but the bulk of the extra are little gubbins for the cadian squads and a ton of extra heavy weapons (plus enough bits to make a handful of extra troops).  You can see there were also a few paint pots, brushes, and a box of tank traps from some other company in the lot.  There are also two broken sisters of battle repentia models, and a bunch of IG conversions that I didn’t know exactly how to price.

It seems he picked up an auction on ebay long ago where a guy had mixed cadian models with Brettonian forces to make some rather nifty looking dudes.  His intent was to use them as veterans, and they’re armed with their fair share of special & heavy weapons.  Whoever went through this took some care to pick out the bits to use (I see necromunda weapons, marine weapons, etc. and a bunch of heads that can’t all be Brettonians, can they?  My favorite aspect is the guy with a little dog on his base.

I think they’re splendid looking models, and great care was taken assembling them (note the green stuff work for hair and joints).  For value, I would say they’re worth at least what a normal Cadian is (to the right buyer, I’m sure they’d be worth more).  So with 33 models at $2.90+ each, that’s another $95.70,  bringing the grand total to $1185.95

Really, I almost feel bad for the guy.  When he posted his models, he was originally asking $300 for the lot, but at that time, it also included a ton of Sisters of Battle, a rhino, & a land raider.  By the time we actually sat down to talk price, he’d already sold the sisters for $150, and the tanks for $50.  Since he originally wanted to make $300, I offered him $100, he asked $150, and we eventually met in the middle at $125.  Granted, he got more than he originally wanted, but I really didn’t do the detailed math on the stuff when we were making the deal.  Then again, he didn’t give me exact numbers on things, so I was dealing with a vague idea of what was there.  I got to see some blurry pictures, and was able to pick out enough stuff to justify the deal to me.  Keep in mind, that I already own entirely too much IG (more than I could ever fathom using), so for me to buy more of it (or really, much more of anything GW makes), it was going to have to be a screaming deal.

I’m not sure it needed to be this screaming–but at least both sides were happy with the transaction.

Anyone want to buy a ton of IG models? 🙂


12 comments on “My Lastest Purchase: Another IG Army

    • I actually like the new ones better. I’ve wound buying IG armies off of no less than five different guys now, and it seems all of them had ratlings, but none of them had the newer style figures. I guess they used to be better than they are now, so nobody has reason to purchase new ones?

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