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At one time, I fancied myself to be some sort of artist.  Matter of factly, I actually attended University as an undeclared art major when I was fresh out of high school, with aspirations of becoming a graphic artist.  After a time, it struck me that “real artists” don’t go to college, and people with art degrees generally wind up in some other (often undesirable) professions.  Since I didn’t have the knack for constantly asking “would you like fries with that?,” I decided to switch majors.

The point being, that I have a modicum of natural talent, but I really lack any sophistication or tools.  This week, I’m unveiling some new banners for the site in an effort to jazz things up a bit.  The thought is a throw back to the “good ol’ days,” and tie that in with 40k and back when I was younger.  I think it’s a sound concept, but execution leaves a little something to be desired.

When I said I lack tools, I mean it: the logos were done in a combination of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, & Microsoft Powerpoint (for image transparency).  A far cry from photoshop, eh?  Well, you make the best with the tools you have available.

The product of my work is a fair little banner.  Again, I think the concept is strong, but the weakness of the tools shines through.  Had I owned (and known how to use) something like photoshop, I’m sure the logos would lack the fuzzy outlines that you see above.  Obviously, it’s no great work of art, and could easily be improved upon, but I dare say it’s better than the average Joe could muster.

Another thought I had was to do a banner based upon the 2nd edition 40k logo, but with it showing it’s age (with a combination of cracks, broken pieces, cob webs, bullet holes, etc.), and then having an Ultramarine and other Xenos critters leaning up against it in various 80’s “rap garb.” (ie. sideways hats, sunglasses, kris-krossed arms, big clocks around their necks, etc.). Just another play on “old school” and the 40k universe. Alas though, I lack the artistic talent (and tools) to make this happen. Though I’ve asked my more artsy-fartsy friends, none of them has risen to the challenge just yet…

Can you do better?  I’d love to see it (hint, this is me trying to scam you out of free work).  The images I used are all found below:

There’s a pretty nifty piece of software on the internet that allows you to throw fridge magnets on your computer.  I think you can download it here (though I haven’t tested that link, so download at your own risk).   This is something I’ve been tinkering with since the blog opened (it was even an unfulfilled goal from New Year’s: 2011).

Lately, the idea is on my mind again.  I’ve actually been entertaining the idea of holding a logo design contest, but not sure what to offer up as prizes.  Would anyone be interested in contributing to such a contest?  What kind of things would inspire you to submit an entry?  Likewise, if you’re an artist that’s inspired by these prototypes and want to try to work out some sort of deal for payment, please drop me a line.  I’d be interested in finding out what this sort of thing goes for online.

Anywho, thanks for dropping by, and thanks to anyone who’s kind enough to help out with my current banner challenges…


P.S. The opening to this post is blatantly untrue.  Though I did go to university as an undeclared art major, it wasn’t as simple as changing my major. The real story involves dropping out, working graveyards at a gas station and being robbed at knife-point, and being harassed by the assailants friends, but that didn’t exactly go with the flow of the post, so I omitted a few key facts.

10 comments on “Warhammer39999.com: the Logo

  1. Possibly switch from magnets to something akin to cutout letters (like old ransom notes). Again, simple execution and with some time doing the tilt for individual letters… Also, if you are making a title or banner possibly you could use PPT or Microsoft publisher for a better end result?

    Either way, I like the top banner better than the bottom. Simple, easy to read, and catches the eye very quickly when set against a back drop of other banners for 40K. Like what I see thus far, hope you get exactly what you’re looking for.

    • If I switch to cut-out letters, it changes the theme. I was going for a playful throw-back to the ‘good old days,’ whereas ransom notes bring back more negative connotations.

      As for the tools,I did this in Powerpoint already (it was the only tool I own that will make image transparencies–well, at least the only one I’m aware of). I think if I didn’t want to use that feature, I’d have been content with the program. I’ll check out publisher to see if the results are any better.

  2. just to be awkward then, I’ll comment on this one too, to say that I prefer the bottom of the two banner options.

    The first looks childish to me, rather than ‘old skool’, wheras the second has just enough montsters, marines and pew-pew in it to be ‘adult referencing childhood in an amusing way’. Although I would change the colours of some of the letters – or rather numbers – to make them clearer. The ‘warhammer’ letters stand out fine. It’s mainly the ‘3’ that’s hard to see.

      • The one with the tank and scribbled ultramarine in the picture. The yellow letters are hard to read, although the first, in the middle of the word ‘warhammer’ doesn’t matter so much, because the surrounding word gives you the context you need to guess what the letter says without a second thought. But it’s easy to miss the ‘3’ in the following number.

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