Back to Basing (Part II)

Last week I made mention that I’d be working on some bases for my Imperial Guard force.  Well, it got a little out of a hand, but I’m happy to say that I finished them, and have plenty to spare.  The pics attached aren’t great images (particularly true of those with models in them), but you get an idea of what they look like.

All in all, I finished basing all of my painted IG (so that’s 105 models), plus I have the rest of the contents of the drawer to spare (so in total, that’s almost 300 bases).  Perhaps I got a little out of hand, eh?  Well, the good news is that I don’t think I’ll have to do up any more bases for that particularly army.  Sadly though, despite the fact that my Tyranids use the same style of bases, I’ll still have to create some new ones for them (because how they affix to the bases, and you can’t dip them with a finished base).  Still, this should be more than enough to finish off my IG (and even my marines, if I wind up putting more of them on the table one day).

Anywho, it made for a pretty full weekend (well, between that, watching the kiddo, cleaning house, and enjoying the sun).  Well, at least I feel accomplished.  So, kudos to me!


11 comments on “Back to Basing (Part II)

  1. Very nice. How do you attach your IG to your bases? When I painted my resin bases first, they kept on just simply coming off and taking a little oval of paint with it. I started to spray it with sealer 3-4 times before gluing which seemed to help a little, but I am curious what your method is.

    • Simply put: I pin them. All of these bases are non-resin, so they have a hollow bottom. In this instance, I bend a pin (ie. fancy word for piece of a paperclip) into an L shape. The bottom of the L will go under the base and serve to hold the pin in, while the top of the L will go into the bottom of the model’s foot. Obviously, the farther you drill it in, the better the hold.

      For resin bases, I’ve tried the same, but to get the L to fit, I also have to cut out a notch on the bottom of the base. I’ve done this in most cases with success, though there were a few where this wasn’t working so I just used a straight pin. For those bases, I’ve had the models pop off them, but I can’t say I’ve ever had an issue with them “taking a little oval of paint with it.” Do you mean they’re taking the paint off the base, or off the model?

      • Off the base. Even if the model is set plastic to resin (painted around model with model glued on) the paint touches the foot and thus when it comes off it pulls off the paint. Spoke with Thor and I will be pinning some.

      • It sounds like you paint the model already assembled on the base. I got in the habit of basing these with my Tyranids (which I use the ‘dipping’ technique on, and so I can’t paint them on the base–or I’ll obscure the details). Because of that, I have to paint the bases seperately. It gets to be a bit of a pain sometimes, but for the few models that have fallen out (usually those that are straight-pinned), the good news is that there’s usually no damage to the base. When the model comes free, you can’t tell because the base itself was pre-painted and sealed before the model was attached to it.

        Whether you decide to paint the models and bases seperately or not, I think pinning is a great solution if they’re coming off their bases at all. I can’t remember a time when I’ve had a bent pin model come free from it’s base.

  2. They look very effective. Although I’m not sure about the white. Perhaps it’s glare from the camera – is it snow? Or just reflecting rock?

    Plus watching your kiddo clean the house – what an accomplishment!

      • Hmm… It’s odd. It sort of looks like a blob of white ooze… but yet also looks quite realistic! Maybe the problem is that it’s all in one lump? I know snow does melt this way – although normally then the ground around it is all mushy. Perhaps you could try putting smaller blobs and/or lightly dusting with a white spray and/or heavy drybrushing white onto some of the other parts of the base?

      • You’re entirely right in that snow doesn’t fall that way, but it’s the way the glue-based snow falls out of my tube. 😛

        Actually, I think it looks fine, as you’re right about snow falling that way, but it does work for spring time, as snow does melt away leaving similar clumps. No, it’s not ideal and I’ve seen far superior adaptations of snow, but since my army is based this way already, I’m prone to leaving it rather than redo’ing all of them. I think it looks good as an army, but I can agree that individual bases are a little peculiar looking.

        Thanks for trying to be optimistic when pointing out my flaws… you should see some of my original attempts–they were horrendous looking!

  3. Well done. You’re way more motivated than I am. I’d have given up after 10. I do my bases as I need them. In the end you do the same amount but it just seems like less.

    • Methinks that I’m just a little more obsessive than you. I’d rather knock all of something out at once (hence why I painted 105 guardsmen in one go), than have to keep going back to it. This is especially true of bases because it’s just so messy with all that flock and static grass. The wife hates it when I work on bases–so it was a good thing to do while she was out of town.

  4. The reply button is missing to your comment so…

    I guess I just haven’t seen much of your non-Tyranid stuff, so see what the snow looks like on bases which have models on them.

    Despite my attempts at constructive criticism, I do still like them. Overall, they are very nice bases. Both varied, but uniform enough to tie everything together.

    I look forward to seeing all your Guardsmen on them soon!

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