Board Games Galore!

In my recently post about Frugal Gaming (an effort to guilt me into spending less money on the hobby), I realized there are a few topics I really should’ve blogged about in the recent past.  The first (or rather the easiest) that came to mind was I recently picked up a collection of board games from a local player off craigslist. 

He had a good list of games that included some of my personal favorites and one that was on my list to purchase one day (Stronghold), another (Dungeon Run) was one I heard was light-hearted and fun, and I would’ve liked to have tried it, but I didn’t expect to buy it (at least not for full retail–but I can’t pass up a good deal!).  The list of games he had up for sale (divided into my personal categories was as follows) along with the MSRP/price at the War Store (just so I can figure out how good a deal this was):

Almost half of the games he had I’d either already owned (and loved), or played at a friends house (and not thought a whole lot of). Of the list that I owned already, three of those have to be in my personal top five favorite games, so I figured he had pretty good taste.  His prices on each game were pretty reasonable (about 60% off retail on each one), but I really only “needed” one or two.  He did mention that he’d offer a slight discount if someone wanted to make a package deal, so I threw out an offer for the whole enchilada, and he accepted.

Granted, I already owned a good share of these games, but I figured if I could buy them at a good enough discount, I could see if anyone else anted to buy or give them away as X-mas presents.  (is it uncouth to give out used items as X-mas presents?  Personally, I’ve nothing against used games, and I see this as a way to stretch my dollar, even in a gift giving spirit.  Hopefully nobody would be offended if I gave them one of these).

In hindsight, now that I’ve totalled them up, this was an amazing deal.  The total retail price on these is $859.40.  Sure, there are duplicates in there and games that I generally wouldn’t buy otherwise, but seeing as I only paid $200 for the lot, that’s a huge savings.  The total price to buy all of these games from thewarstore would be $558.84 (and that wouldn’t include Dungeon Run & Order of the Stick–since they don’t carry those).  Yeah, I got a fantastic deal on these.

To top it off, when I met him to make the deal, he threw in two more games:

That brings the totals up to $949.34 / $600, for a grand savings of 78% off retail (or 67% off the war store prices).  Heck, this might have been my best value purchase this year!

For anyone interested in my opinions on particular games, I’ve already done some really simplified reviews of a few of them.  You can find those links below:

I hope to review some of the others in the near future as well.  Well, that is, if I can ever get a game of Stronghold in!

By the way, for anyone that’s looking to purchase any of these games, you can always try your local game store, ebay or the like, but I buy almost all of my games from  They have fantastic prices, customer service, and amazing deals on shipping (which is particularly helpful if you live in Alaska–$5.95 to ship any amount of games!).  Check ’em out.


2 comments on “Board Games Galore!

    • I suspect he probably owned it and kept it for himself. I have too many variants already: basic, cities and knights, seafarers, traders and barbarians (+ the 5-6 player variants for each). I also bought Das Buch, settlers of Nuremberg, settlers of the stone age, and some clay tiles for the game. The irony is the only one I ever play is “simply catan.”. It looks better and is quicker to setup/takedown.

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