On the Workbench: Adeptus Arbites

Image from dylangould.blogspot.com

My next project that I’m working on will be another squad for my Imperial Guard army.   Yes, I know that Arbites don’t exist in the IG codex, but then again, they seem to have been erradicated from all official codicies now (or are they still in the White Dwarf/Sisters of Battle “book?”Whatever the case, I remember these guys fairly fondly (at least fluff-wise) from back in the days of 2nd edition.  I’m of the opinion that if I’m going to bother playing/painting up another army, I might as well put a unique character twist into it (like my Imperial Beastmen, and so, I’m throwing in a squad of Adeptus Arbites into the mix.

Though they were never very good in the game, and their weaponry (quite frankly) sucks, there’s something super cool about the powermaul/supression shield combo.  Of course, there isn’t an option in the IG codex that I could use for a suitable comparison, so I’ve just chosen to use the shotgun/grenade launcher models.  I also put a newer style “heavy stubber” model into the squad to use as an autocannon, but I’m not in love with the model at all.  It’s sad to think that the classic 1990’s models are vastly superior to the crap that they’re selling now.  Oh well, at least he gives some variety to the squad (Which otherwise, would only have three poses).

If you haven’t guessed, I plan on using these as Imperial Guard Veterans.  Granted, they’re not as effective as they’d be if I converted up three melta guns–but I’m honestly not playing them because I think they’re great.  My goal is just to lend some cool looking model and pay homage to the days of yesteryear.

Now, I just need to pick out a scheme (which will undoubtedly be black armor with red/yellow/blue accents to properly tie them in with the rest of the force.  Something like these guys over at Confessions of a 40k Addict’s blog (by the way, if you’re not already following him, you really should be) or this version from Dylan Gould

4 comments on “On the Workbench: Adeptus Arbites

    • I think some of the “enforcer” models are a step up (for instance, the powermaul/suppression shield is a far cry better than the classic version), but that heavy stubber guy is just a bad sculpt. After checking out your site, I’m happy to see that he doesn’t look bad painted up.

      Did you convert that raised rhino yourself, or is that a forgeworld kit?

      • Indeed! I like most of the new ones a lot – the cyber-mastiff handler is a bit of an awkward pose as well. I’m in the midst of painting up the FW show enforcer and mastiff to replace them in my Necromunda gang.

        The Rhino is just a Repressor kit from FW with the imperial eagle doors (seemed appropriate). Easy-peasy!

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