Oops, I did it again… But they were so cheap!

A local guy was moving out of state and wanting to unload his Tyranids before doing so.  Apparently the military had packed all his stuff up and he was flying out tomorrow morning, and he didn’t want to bother shipping these models.  In total he had:

  • Hive Tyrant – w/ Swarmlord convo kit
  •  Zoanthrope
  • Custom Doom of Malan’tai
  • Trygon
  • Carnifex x2
  • Venomthrope
  • Gargoyles x 8
  • Warriors x 3
  • Raveners x 3
  • Terms w/ dev x20
  •  Terms w/ FB x20
  •  Horms x40
  •  Genstealers x8

It was a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need, and offered at a fairly reasonable price.   Anyone who’s seen my stuff knows I have entirely too much crap though, so I don’t bother buying good deals, but I can never pass up insanely good prices.  So, I sent him this email:


This is a response to your forum post.

I’m trying to make this clear.  I don’t need any more models–of any sort.  But I recognize you might be in a pinch for money.  If so, make sure I’m a last resort.  But if you want to unload that stuff incredibly cheap (like 80% off retail), I’ll pick them up off you.

I don’t mean to be insulting–it’s just that I have zero need for more models, and they’ll sit in a box in my garage.  But if you absolutely have to get rid of them, I’m willing to be your out.  Though I hope you find someone willing to offer more.

He mentioned that he’d like to get more for them and was going to try, but he’d use me as a last out of he needed.  Well, it turns out there was no local love for his bugs, so he wound up making good on the deal, and I wound up with even more “too many” bugs than I already had.  Let it be known that I even tried to talk him out of it when I was making the final deal.  It wasn’t until then that I found out that he was moving out of state and his stuff had already been shipped.  Despite my best efforts, I walked away with the models.

And I really felt good about it.  I got a great deal, and he seemed content with the cash (as much as I pleaded for him not to take my money, and said I felt bad for doing it, he assured me that he was happy with the transaction).  Clearly, nobody was being screwed over by this deal.

Or am I just being naive?

Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I’m wondering if the models weren’t somehow stolen.  Honestly, I’ve never gotten into a situation where I’d purchased stolen models (at least not that I’m aware of), and I don’t hang out with the sort of people where such opportunities would present themselves.  But as I thought about it, I wondered…

  • The models were at a great price.  I’d say they were in the “too good to believe” category, but I’ve purchased several lots at that price (or cheaper) in the past.  In fact, after I walked away from that trade, I made an even lower offer on some damaged models… he seemed interested, but we’ll know in a week.
  • He was trying to unload them quickly.  He posted on Wednesday and wanted them gone by Saturday.
  • I’d never seen the guy before.  I guess this isn’t a huge deal because he met up at a different gaming group than I go to, and there are a ton of gamers that don’t participate in either gaming group, so he could’ve been one of those.   He also seemed to know some people at the club by name–but I didn’t ask around to see if anyone knew him.
  • He didn’t really seem the gamer type.  That’s just stereotypes though, but he wasn’t nerdy looking.  His style seemed rather hip-hop, but this is a pretty weak argument.
  • He described the models weirdly in his post on the forums.  He called them “harpies” instead of gargoyles, and “death of malan’tai” instead of doom.  He did say he hadn’t played them in a while, but then again, his Hive Tyrant was plastic…

There were some positives though that would make me think he was on the up and up.

  • He met in a public place, and posted on a public forum.  He obviously wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was selling these models.
  • He posted his email and cell phone number in that forum, and seemed really open.
  • Though he wasn’t exact on names, he seemed knowledgable about the game.  He described to me his WHFB army (beastmen) in detail, and described how many attacks his horde of minotaurs got on the charge.
  • He explained that he got the Tyranids fairly cheaply, and he wasn’t taking much of a loss on the deal.
  • He didn’t seem a shrewd negotiator.  Though he approached every gamer at the club and asked if they wanted to buy the models, he didn’t haggle with them.  He asked his base $250 price for the lot, and didn’t try to get $200 or anything.  If he was trying to make money on it, it seemed he’d have tried to haggle with them, rather than selling to me at the bottom dollar.
  • When the deal was finally made, he went through the bits he had on hand, and picked out all of the Tyranid bits to give to me (he was selling multiple armies), so that proved he could identify which bits were to which force.  Of course, how hard is it to differentiate between a scything talon and a thunderhammer?
  • Another army that he had to sell was spoken for by a third gentleman (who wasn’t present).  He didn’t try to dump those guys on me.  That, to me, shows that he wasn’t looking necessarily to unload things and run, as he was willing to come back and honor a deal he’d made with another guy.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  At first I felt great because I got a good deal, and was very honest and up-front with the seller.  After thinking it over, I’m not sure.  What do you think?  Should I feel good about this–or do you think I’ve unwittingly become the local fence?

If, however, you read this post and feel these models are yours, please contact me.  For evidence, I’d like you to describe the parts used in the Doom conversion, as well as the venomthrope.

5 comments on “Oops, I did it again… But they were so cheap!

  1. Nah, you’re good Rob. I’m pretty sure that he got the army from his friend who recently moved out of state and back down to Texas. I’m like 99% sure you just got a good deal.

    He’s more of a fantasy player than a 40k player anyway, from what I remember.


    • Yeah, that’s what he said. He knew a ton about beastmen (far more than I), but his 40k knowledge was sketchy.

      Thanks for putting my fears to rest. I guess I should be more wary of things like this in the future–I’ve just never run into a situation where I had to worry about this sort of thing.

  2. He sounds genuine to me. I had a game yesterday (woohoo!) against someone using old (rogue trader) metal imperial guard. They’d been picked up from someone who was going to melt them down. Now I’m not saying you’re going to buy a house on the proceeds of a couple of squads of the old metal imperial guard (or Army, as they were), but they’re still quite nice models and if you’ve got a little time and patience, it’s not hard to find someone who’d want them. People are coming in and out of the hobby all the time. Many people lose interest and just don’t really care.

    The fact that he’s advertising in public also suggests he’s not afraid to be recognised.

  3. I am interested in the Doom and Zoanthrope. Also, potentially the warriors, carnifex, hormagants, trygon, and raveners. I know, I can’t help myself. However, I cant find your email address around the blog. Would you mind shooting me an email at the.other.guy219 @ gmailicus dot comicus if you are interested in parting with any of them?



    • Hey Mike:

      Sorry about this, but I wound up keeping a model or two of those and then unloaded everything else on eBay. I presume you found this post through the trading page? I’ll have to remove this particular link from there…

      Presently I don’t have alot of Tyranids for trade. I do have a bucket of fairly mangled genestealers (mostly the older style. In total, there are probably about a dozen that are fine, and another 2+ dozen that are primed horribly and/or broken/missing parts). Besides that, I just have a bits box of misc pieces/arms.

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