The Indoctrination of Yet More Imperial Guard

Previously, I’d mentioned that I’d traded a horde of Skaven models for an Imperial Guard army. Well, that was almost a month ago, and I finally got around to unboxing everything and checking it all out.

Normally, I’d look through everything very thoroughly before making a trade, but in this instance, I was put at ease by my trading partner. I’d done business with him before (when I purchased his Demon force), and he’d already proven himself to be an upstanding guy. I’d also seen many of his IG at that time, and I knew the general condition of most of it. With that in mind, he’s the sort of guy that I inherently trust—despite not knowing him very well. I have no reason to suspect he’d rip me (or anyone) off.

A good example of this is that after we did the trade, he called me a week or so later and apologized profusely for not including some stuff. This small lot of stuff included four Leman Russ variants and three basilisks! So, yeah, the fact that he’d call me up voluntarily to own up to this, says a ton about his character. This sort of thing goes a long way when working up trades.

It’s because of things like this, that I strove to make the deal sweeter for him. His original trade offer was to allow me to keep anything I wanted that was Skaven in trade for all of his IG. I put aside anything that I could ever dream of using, and made that offer—at which point he accepted immediately. He was just so easy to deal with, that I wanted to reward him for it, and eventually wound up scrolling back my keepers from “anything I could ever dream of using” to “anything I could reasonably see myself using in a normal game—outside of Apoc—plus the hellpit abomination). Naturally, since he was willing to trade for less, he happily agreed to take more for the same price. J

Anyway, the total loot I walked away with includes:

  • 2x Valkyries (not pictured)
  • 2x Manticores
  • 3x Sentinels
  • 7x chimeras
  • 3x Hydras
  • 3x Basilisks
  • 3x Leman Russ Battle Tanks
  • 1x Leman Russ Demolisher
  • 2x Hellhounds
  • 23x Heavy Weapon Teams
  • ~120 Imperial Guard (Cadians) with various armament
  • 1 new plastic sentinel on sprue

And he threw in the foam/transport bags to carry most of it around in (excluding the Leman Russes, Basilisks, & Valkyries (Again, not pictured), plus a big bag of misc. IG bits.

This stuff has a lot of upside, including the fact that, though I already own a lot of Imperial Guard, I only seem to have had a single Chimera. Virtually all of it is assembled rather nicely, and he did a good job of magnetizing the hull weaponry. Those tanks that are painted, are clean and the paint is thin enough that I’m sure I could go over it without losing much detail. It also includes a set of scratch-built Hydras: which GW doesn’t make a model for now.

Downsides, are fairly minimal.

  • First, the paint scheme on everything doesn’t fit in with my vision of Imperial Guard. I’m not sure if I’ll try to trade/sell these for bare plastic models, paint over this, or just live with it as is. Frankly, this isn’t a super high priority for me.
  • Some things are fairly heavily primed/painted (including the valks and anything that shows up green in the picture). I’m sure the majority of it can be stripped though.
  • He played these as chaos forces, so he spent a lot of time filing down (or otherwise defacing) the imperial symbols on a lot of these models. By and large, the tanks seem to be unaffected, but a good percentage of the guys have had all of their aquillas removed from them. Practically speaking, this could be fine as Imperialists still, but with all that effort into them, I’d rather see them used as traitor guard. Unfortunately, I already have a traitor guard force built up, so I’d have no need for these units. Perhaps the best thing to do is to sell them. Lord knows I don’t need more infantry anyway…
  • Some of the pieces have minor breakage (though nothing more than I’d do to them myself in the normal course of things).
  • They’re not as magnetized as I’d like them to be (for instance, the sponsons on the LRBTs are fixed configuration). I can certainly live with this though.

All in all, it’s a great lot of models, and though the last thing I needed was more Imperial Guard, I’m really pleased with the trade. I got to keep practically any Skaven I’d ever want (to be used as 40k Demons), and traded the rest away for an army in a game that 1) I actually play and 2) people seem to want. Aren’t they still one of the most powerful codicies out there?

Sure, it was a trade for more models that I don’t need, and it seemed to be a roughly equivalent trade in value, but I’m really happy with the end result.

I’ll end this post with a close-up on some of the Hydras, as I’m sure that would likely be the most interesting piece to most of you out there. As you can see, he scratch-built much of them out of plastic card. I’m not IG savvy enough to be able to pick out all of the pieces he used, but I believe I recognize the gun bodies from an Imperial bastion, and that looks like the back of a search-light glued to the front of the turrent.

You can also see some of the defilement in this photo. For instance, the tank on the right has a chaotic top hatch by the heavy stubber, while the tank on the right has had the imperial symbol scratched out on it’s side. I think these would be relatively easy to clean up though.

What do you think?


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