I Got Shot!

How’s that for a eye-catching, technically accurate, but wildly misleading title for a blog entry? It’s true though—I got shot.

No, nobody gave me a high-speed injection of lead administered from some sort of ballistic device, I mean it in the more basic form. Yes, it involves bullets (sort of), but none that have been fired. Shot is the word for the contents of a shotgun cartridge (hence the name “shot-gun”). Really, they’re just small, round BB’s. I’ve been looking for something this size for a special project of mine, but I hadn’t come across any. From researching online, I suspected that size 7/12 – 9 shot would do the trick, but it was a bit of an effort to try to find someone who had that specific size.

As luck would have it, the computers melted down at a nearby project of ours, and they called me out to resuscitate. While I was there, I overheard a couple of guys talking about hunting, so I asked if any of them shot birds/skeet. Sure enough, the manager of that project not only did so, but also made his own ammunition. When I asked, he graciously provided a vial of each size I’d requested.

Now, I just have to determine which size is best for the project, and get to work on putting it together. This smells like progress!

14 comments on “I Got Shot!

    • Ironically, I wound up never using these, so I have all three sitting around on my workbench. Eventually a friend of mine with a laser etcher wound up cutting out pieces for me, and I used those–without rivets. It was a quick need kind of thing, perhaps I’ll go back and do this when I have time. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. If you’d like, I might be able to get some photographs for size comparisons?

      • That would be cool. I have been looking at getting lead shot to weigh down my 40K bases. Problem is I can’t figure out what is the best size of shot. And the only way I can get it is big bags. If you could advise what is the best size for 40K bases, that would be a HUGE help!

      • No worries, I can wait. Plus it would benefit other hobbyists as well to see what you find out. Take your time sir.

      • Its been over a year, so I apologize if this has been covered. But I was wondering if you ever determined what size would fit inside the 40k bases so that it doesn’t touch the table top. I too like amrogers3 want to use lead shot as base weights, but don’t know what size would work to fill the gap correctly. Your input is most valuable!

      • Sorry for the delayed response. I just finally thought to look at my blog while I was near my gaming room.

        I only have three sizes available: 7.5, 8, & 9, so I can’t say about others, but the 7.5 seems like it would work perfectly. It’s barely smaller than the gap inside the base, so it’s possible that a size 7 shot might work, but I wouldn’t bother trying. I’m sure the 7.5 would work great for your purposes.

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