Skaven for Imperial Guard

Last week, I’d posted that my latest moment of weakness was when I’d purchased a Demon army from a local player, that wasn’t exactly true. You see, I’ve been out of touch with my blog for a while, and I have some catching up to do. To be honest, when I’d written that blog entry (a week prior), that was truly my last moment of weakness; however, by the time the blog post went public, I’d had another.

But I didn’t spend money on this, so perhaps it’s a mistake to call it a moment of weakness?

What happened next was I traded off my Skaven army (or at least the bulk of it) for more Imperial Guard. I’m going to refrain from ranting about just how much Imperial Guard one guy can possibly need (hint: far less than I own), but again, I’m a sucker for a good deal. When I’d purchased the demons, I told the guy that if he was ever looking to unload another army, to give me a ring. True to form, I got an email from him about selling/trading off his Imperial Guard force.

He asked what I had to trade, and I answered honestly—which is to say, most things I own are up for trade. He was looking for a force that was either bare plastic or very close to it, which limited the scope of what I had to Imperial Guard, Demons, Skaven, & Goblins. Since he had just given up a bunch of demons and was looking to trade away his IG, it seemed obvious that he’d want the Skaven or the Gobbos. Matter of factly, he wanted the gobos, but I had too hard of a time parting with them (that’s the hoarder in me).

While I don’t play fantasy now—nor do I have any real interest in doing so, I do own a pretty extensive goblin army (to be more precise: Night Goblin army). This is because I knew there was a possibility that I’d one day be interested in playing fantasy again, and if I did, I knew that I’d most likely want to play Night Goblins. Since the 6th edition starter set (Battle for Skull Pass) contained a slew of them that people were selling dirt cheap, I decided to stock up on them anytime I could find them at blow-out prices. Really though, I’m diverging too far from the point. Suffice it to say that I was more comfortable parting with my Skaven than the Goblins.

We each did an inventory of what we had, and I did a comparative spreadsheet to check the values. Since I intend to use the Skaven as demons in my 40k forces (mostly of the Nurgle variety), and the dollar value of the Skaven exceeded that of the IG, he agreed to let me keep a few units. What I got to keep was:

  • Plague Monks & Plague Priests (to be used as Plague Bearers)
  • Storm Vermin, Queek, and some Island of Blood Champs (to be used as Bloodletters)
  • Rat Ogres (to be used as demon princes)
  • A hellpit abomination (because hey… it’s cool)
  • Some Ratling Guns

The rest of it, I packed neatly into ziplock bags and traded happily for an Imperial guard contingent. While I did give up an absolute ton of rats, I was happy with the trade, as I got most of them relatively cheaply (I estimate I was into the Skaven for about $500). Since I was likely never to play them as a fantasy army, and I got to keep anything that I valued for use in 40k, so I was happy about the exchange. To top it off, he even through in some Motor Pool cases from Sabol Designs (aka Army Transport).

As an oversight, he forgot to pack up the Leman Russes and Basilisks that were part of the deal, so I’ll hold off on posting pictures of my half the loot, but the pics in this article do show the rats I gave up (well, excepting those that I kept—listed above).

6 comments on “Skaven for Imperial Guard

  1. You, sir, have a serious addiction. Why do I feel like I’ve said that before? 😛

    Is the new army going to push your interest more for 40K or was this just a good value move on your part regardless of interest?

    • I’m a sucker for a good deal. Literally anything I own is up for trade (Although don’t tell my wife that–she’s pretty partial to that son of ours). If I get a good enough offer, I’ll sell off anything I have though.

      Whether this pushed my interest into 40k or not, it’s hard to qualify. I actually did this trade prior to playing three games in the past three weeks, so it’s possible. I also dusted off my Imperial Guard beastmen, and finished painting them as well (but to be fair, they were the last thing I was working on when I’d stopped).

      But, I think we have a chicken/egg situation here. I’m not sure if this is going to help push me back into playing 40k, or if it’s actually a result of my renewed interest. It’s probably more accurate to use a snowball rolling down a hill metaphor: this isn’t simply the cause or the catalyst–it’s a symptom of both.

  2. Aw… I’m gutted you got rid of the skaven, although if you were never going to do anything with them, I suppose it makes sense.

    Do you have any photos of your gobbos?

    • Well, like I said, I didn’t get rid of all of the skaven. I really only collected them to use as Lost & the Damned, and I only wound up with so many of them because it was another one of those “too good to pass up” sort of deals. I bought half of the skaven off a local guy for a couple hundred bucks, and the other half came from a trade of a bunch of AoBR Orks (plus a little cash). The Orks, in turn, were just insanely good prices on Ebay, so I picked them up with the same sentiment as I had with the gobbos: If I ever want to play Orks, this’ll be the time to buy them (and knowing that if I ever wanted to get out of them, I could easily get my money back).

      I kept any of the skaven that I thought there was a chance I’d ever use again: enough for squads of plague bearers and bloodletters, plus some cool looking stuff.

      As for the gobbos, I don’t have any pictures of them, but they’re rather unimpressive looking. I think there are about 6 boxes worth of BfSP sprues, along with a squad of black orks, a bunch of fanatics, pumpwagons, and squigs/squighoppers. I also picked up a painted force off a local guy, so they’re a little more photogenic, but they’d need to be repainted if I were going to field them one day. All in all, it’s a sizeable force, but s’not something you’d really want to photograph…

      • Ah; I see. I thought, from the way you spoke about them, that you’d already put some effort into painting some goblins yourself.

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