Hero Academy

My most recent gaming fascination is not using little plastic men, or on my computer, it’s on my iphone. I’ve all but forsaken computer games, as they eat up far too much of my life, and my interest in miniature games has waned over the past year (though it is coming back, as I’ve stated before). So one outlet I’ve had to entertain myself has been my trusty iphone. It’s (almost) always with me, and if I can find small games that take very little time (and preferably are free), then why not?

If you do play, feel free to look me up. My user name is warhammer39999

My latest discovery is “Hero Academy” by Robot Entertainment. For lack of a better description, it really seems like a re-envisioning of the classic game, Archon: The Light and the Dark. For those who haven’t played that game (for the record, you’re missing out), these games are really an asymmetric take on chess, with cute figures and ranged battle thrown in. I really wanted to liken it to battle-chess, but that was really just pretty looking chess with dynamic fight scenes; at it’s core though, it was just chess.

Of course, that’s not an insult. Chess is an amazing game (perhaps the best game ever), but I’m also a sucker for flashy lights and explosions.

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy’s crystals (and defend your own), but you can also win by eliminating all of the opposing pieces (which is my preferred strategy). There are three different races, each with characters that sort of fit some standard molds:

  • Tank – tends to have high hp and does melee damage
  • Healer – can heal friendly units and resurrect them when they’ve fallen
  • Ranged Damage – High damage to a single unit at ranged
  • Splash Damage – Medium damage to multiple units (often at range)
  • Ultimate – Special units like Ninjas and Wraiths which have unique effects

These archtypes are pretty clear in each of the three races (Humans, Dark Elves, & Dwarves), though there are variations. For instance, the Elves tend to be good at assassinating opposing units, whereas the Dwarves are staunch and do better rushing the crystals directly. The only team I’ve played is the Humans though, because they come free, and I’m a cheap bastard.

It’s a turn based game, that takes very little time, and can be played at your own pace. For this reason, it makes it a good game that I can fit into my schedule. I’d recommend it to anyone with an iphone.

If you do play, feel free to look me up. My user name is warhammer39999

Watch your Dark Elf sorcerers though—I’ll do anything I can do kill them early…

5 comments on “Hero Academy

  1. It’s a great game. It was the first one I discovered when I got my iPhone. Yeah, I know, I’m late to the tech game with phones.

    I did get the Dark Elves for the hell of it and they’re a rough team to get good with. I’m waiting on the next team release, The Tribe, so I can get me some greenskins. They appear to more suit my aggressive style than the other teams.

    I’ll definitely hit you up on it.

    • Looking forward to it.

      I think those dark elves are particularly nasty. I can’t get over the wizards ability to raise specters or the fact that the priestess can resurrect at 3 squares.

      • They have their upsides for sure but their elite, the Wraith, is fragile until he’s consumed a few KO’d bodies, which I assure you is no easy task without just being destroyed next turn. They also can’t potion to life like Council and have to rely on the Priestess for it. There’s some other stuff too of course.

        It’s a good team and everything seems balanced but Dark Elves just aren’t a natural fit for me. Of course I’m a glutton and so I keep playing them hoping to master them.

      • I’m a cheap bastard, so I’ll stick with h00mans myself. For the record though, the wraith’s initial weakness isn’t much of a downside (the ninja doesn’t start of much tougher, and does not get progressively stronger–I look at him as a tool to rearrange my army, not anyone that’s going to go out and beat on things–much less take a hit himself).

        I used to love my wizards, but now I prefer the range of the archer to do most of my damage…

      • I’m the same with Council, Archer for real damage. I use the Wizard more as a threat than anything.

        I did snag The Tribe and trying a few games now with them. We’ll see how this goes.

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