My Latest Moment of Weakness: A Demon Army

Or is it supposed to be spelled Daemon (so that I don’t offend someone)?  Since I grew up in an era where they were without the superfluous A, I’m going to refer to them as demons, but hopefully that doesn’t offend anyone…

Anywho, I recently picked up a Demon army from a guy here locally.  One thing you should know about me is that I have an addiction to “good deals.” I’m quite certain that had I been born with different genitalia, that I’d be one of those annoying women who comes home with a ton of worthless crap simply because “it was on sale.”

Luckily, my wife is man enough to forgive my gluttonous tendencies.

So, on a local forum, a guy mentioned that he was selling some chaos stuff.  He started filtering out small posts over time, which lead to me starting an email conversation with him.  He opened with a few Nurgle conversion sets from forgeworld, at a little under half of retail costs.  Since I do have an attraction to the classic rogue-trader era Nurgle marines, these were enticing, despite me having no real need for them, but knowing that I’d never see them again at this price, I jumped at the chance.  Well, he used that to bait me into to see his entire collection.  He offered up a Forgeworld Bloodthirster, Lord of Change, and Demon prince, along with a slew of painted fantasy demons.  He agreed to let me buy things piecemail, and it became quickly apparent that I couldn’t afford to buy all of the stuff I wanted, even with the good prices he was charging.  His interest was really in getting rid of the stuff though, so after I made an offer for the stuff I did want, he threw the rest in at an even better discount.

And I bit.

What can I say?  I’m weak.  It does mean though that I have a ton of demons that I don’t really need.  I’d love to keep them all, but I’m not sure that I can afford to, so I’ll probably be looking to sell off some of these guys to lessen the hit on my pocketbook.   Anyone out there interested in picking some up?    If so, right now I’m officially at the “Make offer” stage to see what an acceptable price would be—and determine whether it’s worth trying to get rid of them at all.  Maybe I should just get a second job to pay for my addiction.

Pictures of most of the stuff I picked up can be found below (click on any of the thumbnails to expand them).  I manage to sell off a small portion of stuff to a friend (basically at cost) including the Khorne Demon prince, and some of the Nurgle conversion kits, but for the most part, I still have the rest of it.





P.S. I just learned that I’ve been using the wrong form of “slew” (slough) all these years… who’d’ve thunk?

13 comments on “My Latest Moment of Weakness: A Demon Army

  1. I keep my addiction to armies I play 😉 However, I do know a few Daemon players so I’ll send them here and they might find something of interest.

  2. I’m disappointed you’re not keeping these guys! I’d love to have seen you do a daemon army! (I keep the extra ‘a.’.. not sure why really. I guess to distinguish GW demons as warp entities from the demons as Judeo-Christian-Islamic fallen angels.) Certainly not out of any sense of political correctness!

    So are you keeping any of the stuff above? Or is what you’ve posted pictures of just the stuff you’re trying to offload?

    • Everything I own is for sale–for the right price!

      I think most of this stuff would go up for sale though, as I don’t really intend to use these demons. I’m keeping too many greater demons, but I think this is all pretty much fair game. If there’s interest, I’ll bring back my trading/sale page and post all of this stuff up there.

    • Howdy Hippie… thanks for dropping by. I didn’t think this would actually turn into a method of selling stuff, but why not? What sort of things are you interested in? I can do an inventory of what I have if you’re looking for something you don’t see. We can take this to email if you’d prefer some privacy as well.

    • Nevermind. If Hippie is interested in the forgeworld LOC, he can have it (we both play at the same place that Thor does). Shoot me an email of any FW stuff yet claimed at (email address removed)


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