Reminder: March 2nd is Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day (Small) Original Art by

Consider this post a string around your finger to remind you that Old Stuff Day is quickly approaching.  This time, I don’t expect that I’ll be digging up much of my own work, as I really wrote very little this past year, but I do intend to post some links to great articles from other bloggers that deserve to be high-lighted.

If you’re wondering just what exactly Old Stuff Day is, I’ll quote from my original post:

[To celebrate Old Stuff Day,] simply by taking a look back at some of your own classic blog posts, dusting them off, and presenting them to a new audience of blog-readers.  On March 2nd, I hope that everyone takes some time to renew some of their favorite posts from their blogs past to share them with the community.

And if you don’t already have a blog?  Well, don’t feel left out.  On Old Stuff Day, readers of blogs are encouraged to dig through older content of various blogs and comment on a post that might otherwise have been considered long-since dead.  The same thread0mantic behavior that would get you chastized on forums will surely earn you the respect of a good-natured blogger.

It’s a great chance to polish up an old post that deserves a second glance–be it one of your own, or somebody else’s.

I want to take a moment to thank Tamara, aka FirstKeeper over at Deviant Art, for allowing us to use her art as our banner.  I’d also encourage everyone to go take a gander at her stuff, it’s really quite good.  Also, special thanks to Thor, over at Creative Twilight for keeping the dream alive in my absence.

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