Happy Halloween (now with Demonic Baby Fetus!)

Classic style “Smiley” pumpkin

If you were drawn to read this post simply because of the title, then you should probably go seek mental help.  But as long as you’re here, won’t you stop and take a gander at my latest ghourd approximations?

In 2006, I gave up carving real pumpkins in favor of styrofoam equivalents that can be purchased from local arts and craft stores (such as Michaels or Jo-Ann fabrics).  My original theory was that I spend time creating these works, and would like to have them immortalized so I can enjoy them for years to come.  Well, five years into the experiment, I’m pretty much burned out on the fake stuff and long for the real thing.

Creepy or Funny?

Well, this year, I had three fake ones left from the original 2005 purchase (mental note: never mention in passing to your mother that you like something, or you’re bound to wind up with a dozen or so for Christmas).  Two of those were carved, leaving only one for next year…  Almost done!

While I didn’t come up with anything of a 40k theme for this year (unlike last year where I did a Tyranid Pumpkin), I’m happy with the results.

The two subjects are a demonic baby fetus (which wasn’t my idea–but merely the result of Google searching for “demon pumpkin”) and a more classic style eyes and jagged-style mouth creation.  Of the fake pumpkins carved over the years, this is actually my favorite–though I still prefer some of the real pumpkins I’d done in years previous to it.  This will do nicely to scare tiny children off my porch…and I get to enjoy that for years to come!

Happy Halloween everyone.  Stay safe!

2 comments on “Happy Halloween (now with Demonic Baby Fetus!)

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