The Military of Ultramar – Finished!

Just over one month from the first post (closer to two months since the inception of the project), my Imperial Guard contingent has been completed*.

You didn’t happen to notice the asterisk on that sentence, did you? No? Well, good…

Yes, there is a big asterisk on the end, indicating that my sentence requires conditions to be true. Those conditions are:

  1. “Finished” doesn’t include basing the models.
  2. It also doesn’t include weapon options or magnetization, as I still haven’t given any thought to how these guys will be arranged in squads and/or what they’ll actually be used for in the army (presumably they’ll all pretty standard guardsmen, but which ones are in command squads and which belong in weapon teams is still up in the air).
  3. They’re not labeled with army badges or squad designations. This is partly because I don’t know the proper way to do so in an IG force, and partly because the above bullet point (how can I mark them if I dont’ know how they’re arranged?). Any suggestions on this point would be appreciated.
  4. Lastly the asterisk indicates that this batch of models is completed. As this is my first stint into the IG force (ok, technically it’s my second), there are more to comes…

So, with that HUGE asterisk, I’m finished with 105 models. I s’pose it would’ve been easiser to simply state that I’d finished painting these models, and I could’ve saved everyone alot of time, eh?

Well, here are some photos of the “finished” models, and as I’ve done with each WIP post, below you’ll find a brief update of the changes I’ve made:

  1. All boots were repainted black. Technically, I actually repainted about 20 pairs before I realized that once the paint dried, it was indistinguishable from the primer, so the rest of them were just touched up. After that, I gave them a highlight of Delta Ceramcoat’s Chargcoal Gris Anthracite Opaque (that’s a mouthful), that I’d purchased at Walmart a few years ago. The final highlight was a mixture of that and Delta Ceramcoat’s Quaker Grey Gris Quaker Opaque. (By the way, now I’m starting to think that the name is just Quaker Grey, and “Gris Quaker” is the same name in French….).
  2. Smallish details were added. Models got proper hair color, the commander got an extra highlight of yellow on his gear, sunglasses painted, flamers were singed, etc.
  3. Eyeballs were added. I was torn on this one. The faces did need some additional accents, and I deferred this decision to the wife. She said she thought they’d look much better with eyeballs, and I begrudingly agreed. This actually reminded me of a fateful weekend when I helped my friend Monty paint 100+ metal cadians in a single day. Sure, they weren’t the prettiest things, but they were certainly table-top quality. When we were done, I insisted that he go home and paint eyeballs on each of them (which never happened), so I guess this was the universe getting back at me for making such frivilous demands.

So, there you have it. 105 painted Imperial bullet-stops. I wonder how many more I’ve left to go before I’m really finished…

By the way, special props to RuntMcRory over at Military of Ultramar, for coming up with a kitchy name, and ultimately serving as my inspiration to do a PDF army.

15 comments on “The Military of Ultramar – Finished!

  1. Congratulations!   They look great!

    If you post up a list of how they’re equipped, maybe we can offer some suggestions as to how you should organise them.

    Oh, and definitely doing eyeballs is a good idea.   Particularly when you’re doing tabletop quality troops (and these look like very good tabletop quality), it’s the small little details that catch the eye and make them appear much better painted than either a) they really are and b) than the lazy people who only did the minimum to get them on the board.

    Plus, at this stage, it’s not a huge extra amount of time.   For the difference it makes, it’s definitely worth doing.

    • I appreciate the compliments.

      As for armament, that’s still really flexible. Off the top of my head, one is armed with a missile launcher, 3-4 have flamers, and I think two have grenade launchers. I have at least 8 of each heavy weapon team assembled and painted, so I can swap them in/out of units as necessary. Really the breakdown is just how should I arm the special weapon guys.

      Keep in mind that I still have a bunch of these guys unassembled, so if I need to make more of anything, that’s entirely possible.

  2. Way to push through – it’s rough but definitely rewarding to see the little dudes on the table looking good. I rather like the Ultramar idea; it’s made me consider doing the same for a Nocturne-themed IG force.  Keep it up; looking forward to the rest!

    • I appreciate that. They’ve been sitting on my shelf now for two weeks as I debate whether it’s better to try to base them as they are, or to snap them all off their current stands, make new bases and glue them to those (which is how I normally do it). Why do I struggle so much with simple decisions?

      • Why would you remove them from one set of bases only to add them to another?   What will be different / better about the new set?   Is the idea that you’d model and paint them without the guys getting in the way?

      • Well, if you’ve done it that way successfully before I say do it again.   It’s not like ‘mass production’ of miniatures is something new to you…

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