Is there a good “Forcefield”, or “Electric Fence” model?

In thumbing through Imperial Armor IV: The Anphelion Project, I stumbled upon the rules for a “containment fence,” and am completely sold.  For 25+ points it kills troops and vehicles, while protecting models behind it.  Granted, it’s ForgeWorld rules so it’d be hard to play in most games, but in our local Apoc games, it would work swimmingly.

Games Workshop "Field Generators" from Battle of MaCragge

My problem is trying to find a suitable model.  I know that the Battle for Macragge had some nifty little field projectors (pictured above).  They’re a little small for my likes, but they’d work perfectly…if I had any… 

Over the years, I’ve been notorious for buying a couple of starter boxes of whatever GW releases so I could have spare (cheap) models, but for some reason I never did that with the McCragge set.  Because of this, I’ve always wanted to have some of these projectors, a downed spaceship, and the pilot from the set.   Now, to make an effective wall, I find myself wanting the parts of 4 or more of these sets, but alas, it’s now out of print.

Does anyone know where to get these bits still for a reasonable price?

Quantum Gotchic's Alternative

For other alternatives, I stumbled upon Quantum Gothic’s “Forcefield Pylons,” and quite frankly, I’m in love.  This is absolutely perfect for what I want to use.  The only problem with these is that they come four to a kit (in 17 pieces each!) and are about $7 each.  I guess when you compare that to GW models, that’s not that farfetched, but I’m a cheap-ass gamer, and I’m leery about dropping a few hundred dollars for nifty fences that I can only use in Apoc games.

They are indeed pretty though.

So, I thought I’d ask around and see if anyone knew of a solution for this particular problem.  Are you currently fielding a “containment fence” in any of your games?  What model did you choose to go with for it?  Are you pleased with it?  Or maybe you have another suggestion for a cool forcefield idea that I just haven’t come across yet?

Likewise, does anyone out there have either of these pieces they’re looking to part with?  I’d happily buy them off you…




6 comments on “Is there a good “Forcefield”, or “Electric Fence” model?

  1. Would cardstock be an option?  I have that old power plant cardboard GW terrain piece and it has some nifty force field type power generators.  You could print out a bunch of coloured rings and attach them to a pole made of sprue or something?

    • Cardstock probably isn’t a bad option. You could likely create similiar structures for less than these cost, but with that it comes down to two things: time, and quality. While I can make the time for such a project, there are just so many other things I’d rather do, and frankly, my scratch building of terrain leaves something to be desired. 😦

  2. Even if you can’t ‘use’ them in regular games, they would be very nice terrain.  6+ cover and difficult/dangerous to cross, sounds fair to me.  I ran across some fencing on ebay (very cheaply made) but can prove quite interesting when separating sections of the battle, perhaps around a building.

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