Bloo Planetary Defense Force

I’ve been working on my Imperial Guard for the past month (ok, maybe a bit longer).  To keep me focused, I’ve been posting status updates as time goes on, which keeps me honest and (hopefully) motivated.  This week’s update is as follows:

Since the last last update, I think I’ve made some pretty significant progress.  At that point, their khakis were finished, their bandoliers had one coat of brown, and their guns had three coats of red.  My intention was to move forward and to through a few coats of BLOO on them (read: blue for anyone who isn’t as fanatic about Ultramarines as I am). 

I’m happy to say that they’ve been painted blue and more.  To date, they now have an additional:

    • 3 coats of blue (a base coat and two highlights)
    • 1 highlight on the brown
    • the 4th (And final) highlight on the guns in red
    • Boltgun Metal for anything that will remain silver
    • Green grenades / misc pieces (2 coats of green)

Errr.. I also forgot that I have to paint some Comm Links...

    They still need their Aquilas (and various other bits) painted yellow–which will require three coats, and their faces done.  I also need to do their boots up a proper black.  After that, it’s just a few misc bits on various models (headsets, skull emblems, etc.) and they’re ready for basing.  Hard to believe the end is in sight…

So, what do you think?  Are they far too cartoony?  I know they wouldn’t do a good job of blending in with the surrounding terrain given their gaudy outfits, but I think they’ll fit in perfectly with my Ultramarines.  Yes, the blue and the red are pretty stark, but that was intentional to match the rest of my forces.  I’m just wondering what some objective bystanders think on the subject…


9 comments on “Bloo Planetary Defense Force

  1. I don’t envy the work you still have cut out for you, but so far these guys are looking great.  Non-traditional color schemes on Cadians always looks cool to me, keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. It really doesn’t seem like work at the pace I’m doing it–but then again, I haven’t considered the additional heavy weapons or armor yet either…

      WHY DO YOU REMIND ME!!?!?!

    • I’ve had a fascination with IG since the days of 2nd edition–but in a different regard. I’ve always loved “crappers,” which is to say, cheap bodies in large blobs. They’ve always done a great job of tying units up and making fantastic screens. As such, I’ve had IG scraps in one form or another since then–but I’d never bothered to assemble them. Actually, I have three seperate IG forces right now: the Ultramar PDF, pieces to convert up a Genestealer Cult army, and ratskin renegades to use as Chaos Auxillery forces.

      Genestealer cult hold a special place in my heart.

      These particular models I plan on using to supplement my Ultramarines in Apoc games. More specifically, I was painting these up to use in the “pre-built armies” type Apoc scenario for next year’s campaign. That way, we have 100% painted models on the table…

  2. The blue and khaki color scheme looks great to me and should complement your Ultramarines quite well. Definitely not too cartoony for my tastes. I’ve always liked the idea of doing a PDF-themed army, I’m eager to see how these guys turn out. Also I look forward to seeing them with their Space Marine buddies, too. 

    • Thanks for the kind words. I hadn’t thought about it, but I s’pose other people have PDF schemes, no? The only times I’ve ever heard it used was in regards to the Ultramarines, but I don’t see why other chapters might not have the same sort of thing going for them (though given the Ultra’s history and widespread domination, I guess it makes sense that they’re the popular ones).

  3. I’ve got to admit that they look really good.   Much better than I’d expected.   I think they look better without the blue water bottles though.   The blue seems more deliberate that way.   With the bottle the blue seems more ‘splashed all over’.   But even with the blue water bottles they don’t look bad.

    I think it helps a lot that the painting is so neat.   And also that it’s so bold.   Subtle colour schemes can work, but need to be done really, really well.   If you’re not painting to Golden Daemon standard, then models often look better if the colours are bright and bold enough for the eye to pick out very easily.

    If I was you I’d be feeling very happy about this lot!

      • He he.   Oh; something else that makes quite a difference is knowing that they are supposed to be Ultramar PDF.   If someone turned up with a clown coloured army for no reason, my opinion would probably not be as favourable as it is knowing that these guys are these colours for a reason.

        The mix works much better than I expected: there is enough brown to make them look like soldiers, but the blue and red does do a good job of making them look definitely like they belong to Ultramar.

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