New Poll: The Price of Paint

It’s no secret that GW charges a mint for it’s stuff.  Rather than getting into a debate as to whether they’re charging too much, or they’re simply keeping up with inflation/etc (which sounds like it’s destined to be my next poll, by the way), I decided to compare their current prices to other common goods we use in every day life. 

Rather than spring all of the results on you immediately, I thought it’d be fun if we make a game of it.  So our poll this week is simple: Take a look at the list of liquid materials and try to determine if it’s more or less expensive than what Games Workshop is currently charging for it’s paint.  You can do so using the poll below, or the site-wide poll available on the right sidebar.

[poll id=”30″]

No cheating and doing external research!  Think of this as a gut check.  How accurate are you at gaguing the prices of items?  Consider this a tryout for the Price is Right! 

Of course, some of the mentioned items come in smaller or larger vials, so to make things interesting, let’s focus on equivalent values.  So, the question is: is a gallon of Tabasco sauce more or less expensive than a gallon of Bleached Bone paint?

Frankly, I was a little surprised by the results, as I think you will be too.  As always, we’ll keep this poll open for two weeks and then check out the results.

Thanks for dropping by…


12 comments on “New Poll: The Price of Paint

  1. I’ve just voted for ‘insulin’ after the poll wouldn’t let me vote without ticking any of the options.   If it’s not too late, you should probably add a ‘none of the above: GW paint is the most expensive thing in the world’ option.

    Although the fact that the poll wouldn’t let me vote for ‘none’ I’m guessing means that at least one of these options is indeed more expensive than GW paint…

    • Touche…

      But yes, there is definitely at least one item on that list that more expensive than GW’s paint. I found a big list that someone compiled of all sorts of fluids some of them (including human blood) were slightly more expensive than GW’s paint, so I left them off the list, thinking they were too obvious…

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