Poll Results: Is 40k Cyclical?

Our most recent poll tried to determine whether 40k (and other games) are cyclical in your area. For the record, the poll was asking if it was CYCLICAL (as in, does it follow cycles?), and not  CYNICAL (but thanks to Da Masta Cheef over at “Da Long Wayz Dezert Group” for the laugh on that one).

This poll had significantly lower reponse that previous polls.  I could chalk that up to lack of interest in the topic, or perhaps it was confusingly worded (Cynical… hrmpf!).  I really think the lack of responses boils down to the fact that the blog went dormant for what basically amounts to the entire Summer, and it will take a while for people to start trickling back in.  That said, we only had 21 votes, but I think that it was a reasonable representation of the community at large.

The results of the poll can be seen below:

[poll id=”28″]

As you can see, despite having five choices, the numbers are pretty well split between yes and no.  There were 9 that answered from die-hard gaming groups, reporting that the game has been going strong for years, and a total of 11 that answered one of the three options starting with “It is…”  Of those, they were pretty evenly split between those that switch games and those that switch armies.


Actually, in hindsight, those that switch armies are really still playing 40k, right?  So, I guess that changes the numbers a bit.  After retallying, 71% play 40k pretty-much non stop (though 40% of those respondents do hop armies fairly frequently), and another 24% believe that 40k is cyclical (at least in the same way I originally meant it). 

I guess that leaves me in the minority.  Oh bother…

Well, at least I’ll be around for a few more months before I’m distracted by something else..


 Image Credit: “Dug the Dog” image copyright Pixar.

2 comments on “Poll Results: Is 40k Cyclical?

  1. I’m sure the hiatus is the reason for the low voting, though the word choice made me read it twice so I was clear on what I was voting for.

    As we were saying in the original thread, I feel the nature of things being cyclical is the personality of the person in question and less to do with the game or content being discussed. There’s exceptions like anything but I feel it’s a safe generalization.

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