Veterans for the Vacillite Campaign

In our second game of the vacillite campaign, it didn’t look good for the Xenos players as we were almost completely tabled.  Luckily, we  were able to hold the Infirmary and thereby bring a few key units back to life at the end of the game in order to give them veteran abilities.

If you’re already lost, I suggest you check out this earlier post on using veteran abilities in Apolcaypse games.  Once you get caught up, below is a list of the units that “survived” the battle and what abilities they received:

Imperial Team (two abilities earned for each):

  • Cole’s Grey Knights
    • Paladins gained Fearless
    • Purifiers gained Furious Charge
  • Kris’s Space Wolves/Blood Angels:
    • Wolfguard gained Preferred Enemy, and retained  Furious Charge from the previous game
    • Stormraven gained a re-roll on dangerous terrain tests
  • Tony’s Blood Angels:
    • Sanguinary Guard got Furious Charge
    • Death Company got Scout (giving them a scout move and the ability to outflank)
    • Additionally, his dreadnought with fleet lived from the first game, so he gets to keep that ability
  • Dan’s Imperial Guard:
    • Leman Russ Punishers gained the ability to re-roll difficult terrain tests.
    • Basilisk battery now ignores crew shaken results

As for the Xenos, we received the following abilities (one per player):

  • Rob’s (My) Tyranids:
    • My Ymgarls gained Feel No Pain (yay!) and retained Hit and Run from the previous game (though they’ve still yet to use it)
  • Lukes Orks:
    • ‘Ard Boyz got Preferred Enemy.
  • Jeff’s Tau:
    • Crisis Suits got Relentless
  • Simon’s Tyranids:
    • Genestealers earned Counter Attack
  • Blaine’s Bugs (none!  Completely wiped out!)

Marshal’s units were undeclared.  I know he gave one ability to his assault marines, but I’m not sure what he rolled, or who he assigned the other ability to.  I suspect he wasn’t too enthralled with the abilities as he plans on playing a different army for the next game. 

Anywho, this post likely isn’t the most compelling piece of writing I’ve offered forth to date; however, I wanted to preserve this information for posterity.  Thanks for listening to me babble!


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