Ultramar PDF – Status Update

So, I’ve been working on some Imperial Guard to go with my Ultramarines, and decided to paint them in a similar scheme and dub them the Ultramar Planetary Defense Force (PDF). 

Earlier, I’d managed to get them assembled and slap enough bone colored paint on them to pass any GW painting standard (three color minimum!).  I’d also claimed that I was going to move on to painting their armor next, which turned out to be a lie.

Well, not entirely.  If you look at the left side of the picture, you can see that I did actually start painting their armor plates, but for some reason I decided to postpone that.  The rationale here was that I thought it might be easier to get the brown of the pouches, straps, and gun-handles done first (if you look close, you can see that they’ve been at least base coated), and then I started thinking that with all of that blue armor, they wound up looking too… well, blue.

Shocking, I know; seeing as I play ultramarines, how can anything be too BLOO!? 

But I eventually came around to painting their guns red to add a splash of color (Although I haven’t figured out what color to paint the gun tips yet (still deciding between blue and boltgun).  Time will tell on that.

Anywho, as I progressed, I figured I’d update a WIP shot (one would think that painting a few pouches and guns would go faster than it has, but then again there are 101 of each).  Surprisingly enough, the massive assembly line doesn’t have me hating the Imperial Guard yet, or sick of painting.  I guess it’s just been too long…



7 comments on “Ultramar PDF – Status Update

  1. Still; at least you had a test model to ensure you knew of the problem before hand…   Oh, ah…   🙂

    I have to say that they’re looking good…   Except for the blue ones.   I think there’s too much colour for a ‘military’ model and too big a variety of colours.   Troops tend to look best with a limited palette with spot colours from a different range.   I think you’ve got a lot of that cream colour (which I like, a lot), the red guns and now the blue – it’s just too much and creates a messy clown effect.   I think black or perhaps dark brown armour would look good.   Perhaps with just a tiny blue spot colour – say on a badge, or a helmet stripe – to tie them in with your Ultramarines.

    • I’m sure that you’re right in that this isn’t a practical scheme to fight in, but I’m happy with it. I guess this is either their equivalent of “dress blues,” or perhaps whatever wacky camo scheme the Ultramarines have is applied to them as well. Truth be told, I’m actually a full step ahead of this, I just managed to finish the blue on them last night (well, at least the first coat), and I couldn’t be happier.

      Sadly, they do come off a little bit like Captain America’s fan club, but I think the campy over-the-top color scheme works with the Ultramarines…

      • Fair enough…   Look forward to seeing photos of them (I’ll get my shades in preparation…)

        It is very satisfying seeing a huge block of troops come together.   It’s why I was always able to paint my Epic Scale armies, but not my 40K scale ones.

      • Yeah, I think you might need shades (or fireworks in patriotic celebration–but then again, you’re not one of us Yanks). Last night I managed to finish the first highlight of blue on the blue for half the marines, and I’ve done five of them with the second (and final) highlight–on the blue that is.

        I’m pleased with the look, though I don’t like how the gun barrels look silver, so I’m going to have to go back and paint those all red now (which I s’pose is good argument for a test model). In my defense though, I painted the first gun barrel red, and didn’t like that either, so I figured I’d either do them silver or blue. Blue will be ridiculous, and silver doesn’t look right either, so I’m going back with red. By the way, when I refer to “gun barrel” I actually mean the tip of the gun (roughly equivalent to the last 6″, if it were full sized).

      • Ha ha!   I hate it when that happens!   It’s so frustrating as there’s nothing you can do.   You can hardly look a word you can’t remember up in a dictionary…

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