A few days ago we got together for an amazing Apoc game and had a great time.  I’ll let Rob do the overall battle report, so I’m just going to stick to things from my side of the field.  Here’s the Blood Angel force that I brought to the table (the other armies that were fielded can be seen in this link):

  • Reclusiarch with Jump Pack
  • Reclusiarch
  • Sanguinary Guard: Infernus Pistol x2, Power Fist
  • Furioso Dreadnought: Extra Armor, Heavy Flamer
  • Sanguinary Priest x2: Jump Pack, Power Weapon
  • Tactical Squad x10: Flamer, Missile Launcher, Drop Pod w/ Deathwind
  • Assault Squad x10: Meltagun x2, Power Fist
  • Assault Squad: Flamer, Power Weapon, Razorback w/ Assault Cannon
  • Assault Squad: Flamer, Power Weapon, Razorback w/ Assault Cannon
  • Death Company x8: Thunder Hammer, Power Weapon x2; Land Raider Crusader w/ Extra Armor, Multi-melta
  • Baal Preadator: Heavy Bolter Sponsons
  • Baal Preadator: Heavy Bolter Sponsons
  • Stormraven Gunship: Extra Armor, Twin-linked Plasma Cannons, Twin-linked Multi-Melta, Twin –linked Hurricane Bolters
  • Vindicator
  • Devastator Squad: Lascannon x2, Missile Launcher x2

The rules were pretty straight-forward, though far different than standard Apoc games.  A complete list of them can be found here, but to summarize:

  1. 3,000 Points
  2. No Titan wackiness
  3. Random Strategic Assets
  4. Objective points calculated each player turn
  5. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 vs. 2
  6. BYOB

...mostly painted. Come on, the 'Raven is new!

My partner was an Imperial Guard player with tons of tanks, and tons of infantry.  He did field a large squad of Ogryns which is something you generally don’t see.  Good for him for not Leafblowing it up!  We ended up third to set up.  The only squad that received Red Thirst was the Sanguinary Guard.  They already had a Priest attached, but it’s still nice to know they would retain Furious Charge if the Priest died.  My Stormraven would show up on turn 2, carrying the Furioso and Sanguinary Guard.  Everything else would start on the table.


Table Quarters


The above pictures show a snapshot of the table quarters and a couple of the objective markers.  The idea is to keep a troops choice within 3″ of an objective to claim that objective for the player turn.  At the end of each player turn the tally was counted and written on a scoreboard.  It was an awesome idea and one Rob should be commended on.  This really kept the stupid turn 5 mad-dash to the objectives at bay.  Blood Angels and Eldar have a distinct advantage in normal Apoc games; this keeps it fair all the way around.

...so I aimed my 2 Baals and Vindicator

..and our north end aimed at the Ork + Marine team

We really hadn’t planned on messing with the Ork & Marine team to the north end of us, but after our deployment the marine player decided to play one of his Strategic Asset cards on my Land Raider with Death Company + Chaplain.  This sent them back into reserve, which meant that they wouldn’t be coming in until turn 3 because my Stormraven with Furioso & Sanguinary Guard were going to show up turn two.  That changed my entire mindset, so I aimed everything from that point on at that particular team.  Sorry guys!  You may notice that one of my teammates transports is wrecked.  The Marine & Ork team also decided to use another Strategic Asset during our shooting phase.  This particular card forced me to fire my entire assault squad (dual melta!) at the closest target instead of the intended Deffrolla’.  That kind of sealed the deal.  The Angels were going for Orks & Marines!  To the left of our deployment zone, the Vindicator and two Baals blew lots of flying bugs off the table.  They were mearly a screen for and opponents Vanguard Vets + Priest + Chaplain (WHOA!) behind them.  My Devastators blasted a couple Vanguard though.  By the time those VV + Priest + Chap would get into combat, they were down to two Vets, Priest, and Chaplain.  Pretty good for a 160 point static shooty option.  Go Devs!

The Northern Front

Here you can see where I placed my Drop Pod with Deathwind Launcher.  Just enough to be annoying!  On the edge of the cliff to the far end, lots of Orks on Bikes.  YIKES!  Just past them is a Godhammer Landraider, and immediately next to them a Vindicator.  You can see my Assault Squad with Reclusiarch and Priest lined up in front.  You can see behind the cliff that there was a giant mob of orks.  Holy moly!  I know where my Furioso with Blood Talons is going!  During the SM + Ork turn the Defrolla’d the I.G. Squad.  The I.G. Death or Gloried, and blew off the Deffrolla!  A slew of Orks assaulted my assault squad along with a lone Chaplain.  My Reclusiarch and the opposing players Chaplin would duke it out, while my Priest and Assault Squad would smack each other.  My Priest + Assault Squad made short work of the orks.  One squad completely broke and ran, another made it out of combat because I had to consolidate around the Fearless Chaplain who finally lost his last wound due to 7 Fearless saves.  Fearless is a bane occasionally.  Shouldn’t have delayed that Landraider!

"Me fink imma Nekron! Gona' kill em' good!"

Our Northern Front opponents decided to take a play out of the Necron codex and teleport a gigantic squad near one of our objectives.  This objective happened to be held by quite a few very shooty elements.  I can only imagine the confusion an Ork must feel when it is happily going about it’s choppy business and some leader who’s mistakenly picked up a bit of Necron Wargear comes along and puts you in the exact wrong spot.  It wouldn’t be the last time a slew of Orks would vanish only to re-appear in the exact wrong spot.

"Guess they forgot the Rez Orb, Sergeant"

Here we see the aftermath of dropping in to the middle of assault cannons, I.G. gunlines, and pretty much everything else that can smoke an Ork in a heartbeat.  The 5 man assault squad hopped out of there Razorback for the Assault, assisted by a Sentinel.  Needless to say the Orks all died.  While I was away my partner shot a Dreadnought with one of my Razorback Assault Cannons for a Rend and a Wreck.  Good job D man!  Those pesky Drop Pods would Deathwind us until we finally decided to take care of them around turn 4 or 5.  I’m really starting to understand when Rob says 20 points for a ST5 Large Template ALWAYS makes it’s points back.  If it kills one of my marines it’s about 3 points from paying for itself.  I’m not entirely sold on Drop Pods with my style of play though – and I’m not entirely impressed with the one I used.  I feel that a single Attack Bike would have been a better choice than a 55 point minor inconvience.


The Stormraven appears!  The twin linked Plasma Cannon takes out a few Tactical Marines.  I forgot to take pictures the next turn of the Furioso and Sanguinary Guard disembarking for assaults though.  Basically the Furioso went around the back of the cliff and assaulted a slew of Orks.  If you don’t know how Blood Talons work – here you go: Lightning Claws that produce another attack for every unsaved wound caused.  WS6, ST6, AV 13.  I think I produced something like 7 additional attacks + the original 3, which caused a failed leadership test and the Orks ran off the board.  It was pretty ridiculous.  The Ork Bikers (seen next to the orange Vindicator) would move close enough to my Raven’ for my Sanguinary Guard to assault.  The only stipulation was that I would have to clear out 6 or 7 Orks that were in the path of my assault before I could reach them.  My Hurricane Bolters, Plasma Cannons, and Multi-melta did the trick though.  The Sanguinary Guard + Priest shot and assaulted the entire bike squad!  What an epic battle!  I ended up loosing my entire Sanguinary Guard squad to power fist attacks, but killed all but the Warboss in return.  This left the Priest and Warboss locked in combat after all was said and done!  Even though they only lasted one assault, I think the Sanguinary Guard did and excellent job defeating a squad that could have really put a hurting on us.

"You wont like me when I'm angry!"

Back to the Eastern Theater of our deployment zone!  My Landraider with a full load of incredibly angry Death Company came in near one of our objectives.  Every now and then some Tyranids or that Vanguard Vet squad I talked about earlier would try to mess with it.  The Death Company smacked the Vanguard dead.  The Landraider shot any flying units that would try to distract.  Eventually some Genestealers popped up nearby and the Death Company had to deal with them.  If you’re unfamiliar, all DC are completely uncontrollable and have the Rage USR.  It’s fluffy, and fun!  The Chaplain is a major multiplier with re-rolls to hit AND wound on the charge when leading Death Company.  At WS5, Furious Charge, and Feel No Pain, Death Company are no laughing matter.  Everything they charged died before the Thunder Hammer could swing.  It’s unfortunate though Death Company, your job is to die.  Astorath will see you shortly.

And so the game went.  We ended up third because someone had to keep popping bugs up on one of our objectives which would prevent us from getting that point for the turn.  It didn’t help that my Razorbacks were just out of reach of two objectives near the end.  We did well though!  Dan was a fantastic partner!  He was fast, we work incredibly well together, and without his ability to knock out Dreadnoughts and take out tactical squads it would have been a different game entirely!  At the end of the game any surviving units could choose a Veteran Ability table to roll on (as found in the hardbound main Rulebook).  I choose my Furioso Dreadnought – and rolled a 5!!!  My Furioso will have Fleet for the next game!

Veteran Furioso Dreadnought



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