Adeptus Custodes Sneak Peak!

Hello again, its been a while so I thought I should get a post up. Not much actually done on the Keepers of the Flame right now as I have been working a lot recently. However, I little while ago on my own blog, I started an Adeptus Custodes project. This post was actually posted on my blog a few days ago, but I think it’s worth spreading around a bit, after all it’s not often you seen such stunning models!

However, before I reveal my work I’d like to make a quick explanation on who the Adeptus Custodes are/were/could be. I know many of you will know and think this is a waste of time, but I was talking to some younger hobbyists a while ago and they didn’t have a clue what Custodes were! I know shocking, but hey.

Symbol of the Adeptus Custodes

The Adeptus Custodes is the Imperial organization responsible for guarding the Imperial Palace and the physical body of the Emperor of Mankind. They are a group of 10,000 genetically-engineered super-humans that serve as the Emperor’s personal guardians. Since the Emperor’s interment in the Golden Throne following the Horus Heresy ten millennia ago, they have taken a far more limited role in the Imperium. They never leave Terra and only very rarely leave the Imperial Palace. It is only the Adeptus Custodes that decide who may enter the throne room of the Emperor, and when they may do so.  (

So with that out of the way on to some hobby awesomeness. I purchased 10 of the limited cast of Adeptus Custode models almost a year ago now for the best part of £200. Pricey I know, but well worth the money when you see the models. I also got hold of some scenic bases (DS style) from fenris games.

Adeptus Custode Envoy


Being as most of this model is made up of gold armour it was something that had to be just right. So, I looked to one of the basics posts on From The Warp. 
  1. Undercoat black
  2. Paint all armour with Tin Bitz
  3. Wash with Devlan Mud
  4. Stipple Shining Gold (Heavy)
  5. Stipple Shining Gold + Mithril Silver 75:25 (Medium)
  6. Stipple Shining Gold + Mithril Silver 50:50 ( Medium – Light)
  7. Stipple Shining Gold + Mithril Silver 25:75 (Light)
  8. Stipple Mithril Silver (Extra Light)
This style requires reference material. You need to look at what gold really looks like under directional light.

Adeptus Custode Envoy Red

Envoy Red

Red is the secondary colour of this scheme. I really didn’t want a bright red (blood red) as it wouldn’t really fit with the idea of the custodes. I’ve always seen them as quite a subtle organisation, working in the shadows (they are invisible which makes that easy I guess). So I decided to go with quite a dark rich red instead.

  1. Paint the robes in Dark Flesh
  2. Wash the robes in Devlan Mud
  3. Paint the robes in Dark Flesh + Red Gore 75:25
  4. Paint the robes in Dark Flesh + Red Gore 50:50
  5. Paint the robes in Dark Flesh + Red Gore 25:75
  6. Paint the robes in Red Gore
  7. Wash 3 times with Baal Red

This was also used on the weapon casing of the Guardian Spear.


While not as dominant as the other components of the model I didn’t want ruin the whole model with such a simple thing as leather.

  1. Paint all leather in Dark Flesh
  2. Paint all leather in Tanned Flesh
  3. Wash with Devlan Mud
  4. Paint with Tanned Flesh
  5. Paint with Dwarf Flesh
  6. Wash 2 times with Devlan Mud

Simple, but I think you will agree, very effective.

Fenris Games Resin Base


The bases that I bought from Fenris Games are really really awesome. The detail is great and with almost no air bubbles! While the DS style bases are frowned upon by some tournament organisers, I can honestly say I don’t care as they really make models like this shine.

  1. Wash with Devlan Mud
  2. Drybrush Chainmail
  3. Wash with Badab Black
  4. Paint the rim of the base with Chaos Black

I’m sure now you can see why I love these models so much. I’m hoping to get more of these guys done soon and the first Keepers of the Flame Tactical Squad should be my next post. As always comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Until next time, TTFN.

4 comments on “Adeptus Custodes Sneak Peak!

  1. Cheers, I think the red is a little flat flat though so i am going to add some more shading when I get the chance. Only problem now is getting hold of the Valdor and Emporer models at a reasonable price

  2. Very nice!

    Where do these models come from? I’ve never seen or heard of them before… Are they GW scuplts, or something made by someone else?

    • I’ve seen them online before at various places–but I’m not sure who did the
      originals. They’re fairly Scibor looking, but I think his were beefier
      models. I don’t recall them being official GW releases–but I could be
      wrong. Tom?

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