My Evil Plan: Old Stuff Day

Ok, so now you have all fallen into my trap.  Some thought I had masterminded the machinations of Old Stuff Day in order to come up with easy material for a blog entry. 

Those people are niave.

My main goal was to give myself a ton of quality content to read without having to dig through and entire lifetime’s worth of blog articles to find them!


By that standard, I think it’s pretty clear that the first outing of the holiday was a raving success.

Seriously, I was floored by how many people participated in the act (or “celebration,” if you will).  It felt like an idea that needed to come to fruition, but I didn’t think I’d have the clout to spread something so quickly through the masses.  Though, I know I’d be taking credit for something I don’t deserve if I really believed that. 

When I got the idea, I knew if it were to get any traction I’d need to get people on board, far better blogs than my own would need to support the concept.  So, I sent out a plea to such blogging giants as Ron (formerly of From the Warp), Colonel Corbane, and B.Smoove (along with several others) to try to get them on board.  I was particularly hopeful that they’d place the banner on their site to drum up attention, but to my knowledge, none of them did so (except Thor from Creative Twilight… thanks man).  So, though I knew they were on board to participate, I suspected the movement would fall a little flat.

I estimated that this first year we’d have about a dozen or so blogs participating, and I was going to make an effort to read every “Old Stuff” post (and ensuing links) as well as comment on at least one post from each (I’m not sure I achieved this, but I gave it a valiant effort).  So you can imagine how overwhelmed I was with the response.  Though I didn’t take the time to tally responses, it’s clear there were far more than the dozen participants I’d originally predicted.

And the quality of content was amazing.  So much so, in fact, that I neglected part of my normal duties scouring fellow blogs.  I thought I’d take a moment to note some of the most interesting posts that I’d discovered thanks to the holiday.  Though please keep in mind, that just because your blog isn’t mentioned here, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy your content–but perhaps I’d already seen the posts before:

  1. Dave from Tentakel Games pointed out Commander Dante’s Blog–particularly his great work on flesh tones.
  2. Griffit’s tutorial on “How to Make Halflings in 1 Dinner,” was a hilarious blend of humor, craftsmanship, and artistry (ending with a good conversion as well).
  3. TheInnerGeek had a great solution for smoothing out nasty mold lines (it’s so simple, but then again, most great posts are).
  4. TheLeadHead has the most in depth coverage of how to make your own washes I’ve ever seen.  Sure, I’d stumbled upon Les Bursley’s recipe before, but I’d never given it a go.  This blog really has a complete review on the available options. 
  5. A general overview of Apoc games was provided by Blood & Blades.  The thing that turned me on so much to this post?  A compelling statement that it’s not necessary to fire every gun every turn to make the game enjoyable… 
  6. PsychosisPC posted a gorgeous looking beastman unit.
  7. The Harrower (From Ded’Ard) uses Lego to power his razorbacks.
  8. Dark Future Games‘ pictures from Adepticon 2010 had a slough of great stuff, including pics of a breath-taking army from GMM Studios.
  9. Defending Humanity had another post about Casual vs. Competitive that really raised my eyebrows.  Every so often you come across a post and you instantly know the author is a good guy.  This is certainly one of those posts…
  10. Muskblog!  I remember growing up on his models, and somehow through the magic of OSD, I was once again reunited with his work.  His crazy old models are right up there with Hungry Ghosts’ Squat force.
  11. Colonel Corbane dusted off some entries that are really “must reads” for anyone considering getting into blogging, including The Newbies Guide to Blogging.
  12. The guys at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a kajillion models, and sported a few of their personal favorites, including a great Nurgle Chaos Lord.

It was really like information overload, with so much great material out there, it was truly hard to get any work done.  (By the way, each of these blogs has now been added to the blogroll, so if you want to see more of their recent updates, check the links to the right–but keep in mind that only the 15 most recent posts will display at any given time). 

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who participated and made the day the rousing success that it was.  Next year, I hope that even more people decide to show posts (both their own and of others), as well as commenting on each other’s work.  If there was one shortcoming this year, I’d say that I didn’t see all that many comments on other people’s posts.  But then again, I’m sure I looked at less than .01% of the total posts out there… Disqus also mishapped on the day of the event, so it was problematic to leave comments on some blogs (including mine).

Anywho, I enjoyed myself tremendously from March 1st (due to the Aussies in the house), and 2nd–and even into the morning of the 3rd, all thanks to the kindness of strangers.


Image Credit: Dr. Evil Image from Austin Powers, used without permission.


13 comments on “My Evil Plan: Old Stuff Day

  1. All things considered I’d say it went well. I’m sure next year will easily double in size.

    I agree with the minimal commenting going on. I know I tried to comment on all the ones I read if for no other reason than to acknowledge I was checking stuff out.

    • Sometimes it gets a little rough, and so I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t
      have something to say for every post. Though “Good Job,” tends to be better
      than no comment at all, it does seem forced at times. For each site I went
      to, I’d look at all of their links and choose at least one that I felt
      compelled to comment about. But yeah, commenting is an artform to itself.
      Truth be told, it’s something I should probably do more every day.

    • You’re welcome, oh masked stranger. By the way, with Disqus, if you sign up for an account, then it will automatically provide a link back to your blog for every comment you leave. It provides a potential flow of traffic to your site, as well as helps give dolts like me a clue as to who’s commenting. 🙂

  2. Damn I missed getting a shout out and I thought I would have been one of the first that was posted hehehe.

    I forgot to mention as well in my one that you picked the right date as it was the anniversary for the creation of my site!

  3. Actually, I can be bothered to write slightly more than that. I didn’t have time to do a lot of searching, but several of those posts you’ve linked to here were very interesting.

  4. Thanks a lot for the great idea, I had a lot of fun reading trough all the other blogs.
    And also thanks for the link :o)

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