New Poll: Time Spent on Gaming?

Another week, and another poll.  This week’s question is inspired (in part) by a poll over at Creative Twilight which is looking to find out what people’s favorite part of the hobby is.  Not to steal his thunder, I combined that with another comment from TheInnerGeek where he’d mentioned that real life had forced him to cut back on his hobby time.

Cutting back will mean something different to each of us, since we all have different circumstances which dictate how much time/money we have to spend on the hobby.  In this case, TheInnerGeek had suggested that an hour per day was all he could muster now, and at first glance, that seemed like alot.

In retrospect, 7 hours per week isn’t far-fetched for me.  I tend to get in a game most Fridays and spend 3-4 hours there, and then I have misc projects that flash on and off, plus the time spent doing the blog.  I dare say I spend upwards of 10 hours in my average week on the hobby.  What struck me as odd was the way he phrased it: an hour per day.  While I can certainly average that much, it’s been a long time since I could dedicate a block of time each day to my hobby.

So, that’s where we came up with this week’s poll: Approximately how much time do you spend per week on gaming (including painting, modelling, playing, and reading blogs/forums)?  In general, we’re just looking to find out how much time our average reader spends per week on 40k.  As always, we’ll disect the responses in two weeks.

You can vote on the poll to the right, or below.  Also, if you’re interested in balancing 40k and real life, author Tony had a pretty crafty post on the subject last week that you might want to check out.

[poll id=”27″]


15 comments on “New Poll: Time Spent on Gaming?

  1. I put 6-10, but then I read that reading forums is included and that would bump me closer to the 20-30 range. I spend an hour or two about 3 nights a week doing hobby stuff, and then I get a game in once every two weeks on average. I also spend some time at work reading blogs and forums about the game, so if I included that, then my “hobby time” would definitely increase.

  2. 40K is my crack. Hobby-wise, including playing, I easily put in 12+ hours. The you add my blog on top of it, which for me includes reading other blogs, and I’m in the 21-30 hour a week range on average.

      • Most of my blogging (posting and reading), is done at work. I get into work about 30 minutes early and make sure posts are ready to go and start reading blogs. I read blogs throughout the day as I have time: quick breaks from coding, lunch, etc. All things considered, I probably put an hour or a little more into “blogging” while at work, though again half of that is done at work while off the clock.

  3. Wow, awkward question… It reminds me of reading about sex surveys – the pollsters always say (or the serious ones do) that they have no idea if their results reflect reality as people lie so much – often to themselves.

    I picked 11-20 hours… I really hope it’s not more than that… I wish it was less, but I doubt – once you include reading stuff online or browsing books – that it’s not.

    I get a game in about once a month at a fairly regular club. But I haven’t done much painting or modelling in a while now.

    I need to fix that…

    • If the poll helps you take stock in what you’re spending time on and perhaps
      reprioritize your life, more power to ya–though I assure you it wasn’t
      meant to be that deep.

      I haven’t painted for a while either… and with all that’s on my plate,
      sadly I don’t think I’ll be doing it any time soon either.

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