Keepers of the Flame: Week Two and Three


Hello again, it seems another week has flown by and its time for an update. Now, to say I have got a lot done would be lie:  I have base coated the last 3 members of the sternguard squad and paint stripped 15 tactical marines for the rest of the month. However, none of this makes for a very interesting blog so I thought I would give you a bit of info on the chapter itself instead.

For me, writing the armies background and history is one of the most interesting parts of starting a new army. I find not only does it help shape the idea in my head, but that it also guides my choices when writing an army list. In addition to this, I love writing so it just good all ’round fun.

This first link goes to a PDF all about the history of the chapter, how they were formed and the dark past from which they have risen. I’ve designed it took look like a data file on a cognitor in an inquisitorial vault, see what you think.

  The Keepers of the Flame History File

 The second link will send you to a file called the Brachov Report. This is a fictional piece that Ihave written detailing an action taken by the Chapter. It’s not perfect, and their are a few inaccuracies but I am ironing them out as I go.

Brachov Report

I hope these two files given you a better idea about the chapter and incidentally, the force listed in the Brachov report is the force I am building up for this project.


This week I have started working on the first Tactical Squad of the army, Tactical Squad Del’thway, named after the squads original sergeant who fell while storming the Black Citadel on Merus V. The models were originally part of a short lived Salamanders project I worked on but ended up cutting short as 2’000 points is enough. There for, the models had to be paint stripped using fairy power spray and an old toothbrush, this by the way is a great way to paint strip both metal and plastic miniatures.

[Editor’s Note: I thought he was pulling my leg with the “fairy power” spray–as if he used magic and a little bit of pixie dust to remove the paint, but apparently it’s an actual product. From what I can tell, the English equivalent is Simple Green.  And yes, I do mean English!  Silly Brits…]

I’ve only just started painting them but I have some pictures none the less. First here are some of the paint stripped models waiting for an undercoat.

Paint Striped Space Marine

The process take just under 24 hours and is detailed below.

  1. Place the painted models in a large jar or in a waterproof container.
  2. Spray on the Fairy Power Spray until all models are totally submerged in liquid, not just foam!
  3. Leave open to air for 2 hours at the most (no more or you will damage the plastic!)
  4. Pour the liquid away and wash each model under warm running water while rubbing it with a tooth brush, the paint should come away quickly and easily.
  5. Wash out the jar or container and replace all the models inside. Fill the jar with cold water, add a lid and leave for a day to wash all contaminates from the models.
  6. Dispose of water and wash models under running water one last time.

The model above was fully painted and varnished! So as you can see this really does work.


 [Editor’s Note #2:  Is it just me, or does Cilit Bang sound dirty?  Rest assured, he’s referring to what us Americans call Easy Off (Oven Cleaner).  As a side note: if the differences between U.K. English and American English are interesting, you might want to read this post on tone/language.]

So, after paint striping I undercoated the squad with white primer as usual and started the first combat squad that will form Tactical Squad Del’thway. This consists of a Veteran Sergeat w/power fist, three Marines w/bolters and one Marine w/ Flamer. For the sergeant I used the LE web exclusive mini, see picture.

Web Exclusive Sergeant 2010

This model is really stunning, the pose, the base piece, even the armour itself is just exquisite. Also, compared to a normal marine, he is huge!

This makes a great Veteran Sergeant and will really stand out in the squad when he is finished.

As part of the chapters background, any brother who fought in the actions on Merus V paints a section of his armour black for each engagemnet he was in. A veteran’s armour will have many black components, showing his seniority.

Note: the right (left to you) shoulder pad always remains orange.

Tactical Marine w/ Vengence Class Flamer

For the squad’s flamer I wanted to do something a little special. The chapter utilizes a massive number of flame based weaponry so they, like the Salamanders, probably develop their own variants of weaponry. Thus, the Vengeance Class Flamer was born.

With a shorter body and extended barrel, this flamer is ideal for siege operations due to its extended reach during breaching actions. In addition, rather than individual canisters of promethium, the Vengeance class Flamer connects to a back mounted reservoir of fuel. This saves the marine carrying heavy canisters into battle.

Also note the extended comms station mounted on the back pack. This is for use during a breaching operation. The array will alow comms channels to be maintained even when underground or behind thick shield walls.

In terms of conversion work, I simply used an Imperial Guard flamer and comms back pack and linked the two together with a string of miliput. nice simple and effective. I then glued a single astartes back pack vent onto the from of the back pack.

The final three tactical marines are armed with bolters as per normal. A group shot of the first combat squad is shown below.

Combat Squad Del'thway Alpha

So, that’s about it for this update, I should have this first combat squad done by next week (work allowing) along with the last member of the sternguard squad. I am slightly lagging behind on the 500 points a month thing, but will hopefully catch up next month.

Also, just a quick update on the Ultimate Hobby Guide. We have had loads of articles come in, I am still sorting them now, but we need many many more. So please, if you have anything to contribute, do so asap. For more details on the project and what you can do as well as a chance to win a printed copy, check out the link below.

That’s all folks! (cue cheesey music and titles)


3 comments on “Keepers of the Flame: Week Two and Three

  1. lookin good!

    I can’t wait to begin painting my Grey Knights again, after staining a Nid army this last month i have decided my Knights will be painted to the best of my ability despite the time it might take. However i already have 30ish power armored knights, and 15 Knight terminators all but about 6 of which are “fully” painted.

    I think i could touch them up and bring them up to a higher standard but it depends on whether GW will be presenting us with any plastic knight kits really. If there are new basic or Termi knight models i will probably go ahead and touch up these, and go to town on the new ones, if not i might strip them and start fresh….

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