Reminder: March 2nd is Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day (Small) Original Art by

There’s only one week left to prepare for the infamous holiday: Old Stuff Day!

For those of you who aren’t already in the know, March 2nd is internationally reknown as “Old Stuff Day.”  

Ok, words like “infamous” and “internationally reknown” might be a bit of an exaggeration–certainly it’s not quite as popular as holidays like Christmas or New Year’s, but I assure you, the day really does exist.  And this year, the entire blogging community has a chance to participate.

How, you ask?

Simply by taking a look back at some of your own classic blog posts, dusting them off, and presenting them to a new audience of blog-readers.  On March 2nd, I hope that everyone takes some time to renew some of their favorite posts from their blogs past to share them with the community.

And if you don’t already have a blog?  Well, don’t feel left out.  On Old Stuff Day, readers of blogs are encouraged to dig through older content of various blogs and comment on a post that might otherwise have been considered long-since dead.  The same thread0mantic behavior that would get you chastized on forums will surely earn you the respect of a good-natured blogger.

We also have a banner you can use to display on your site as a reminder to your visitors of the impending holiday.  The underlying art is courtesy Tamara (aka First Keeper) from deviant art (used with permission, of course).  She has some amazing work, and willingly gives it to the community.  I’d also encourage you to take a moment to check out some of her work on the Deviant website.  It’s definitely worth the time.

Some very popular blogs have already hopped on the bandwagon, but there’s always room for more.  No authorization or request is necessary, all you need to do is to post a “best of” article on March 2nd, and/or dig through older content on some of your favorite blogs until you find something worth commenting on.  Everyone is more than welcome to fly the banner on their website.   You can download the banner in it’s full size and a small size image at the links provided.  For anyone who’s having any problems displaying the image on their site, please feel free to email me if you need any help doing so.

For more information on the thoughts behind the movement, check out my original post on Old Stuff Day.

Thanks for reading.  I hope I can return the favor to your own blogs on March 2nd!



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