More Spores

One of my New Year’s resolutions from last year was to paint and base my entire Tyranid army.  Did that happen?  Well, as of when I’d written this post originally, it was still a work in progress (yes, I this delightful post was written almost three months ago).  I was getting really close though…

So, back to the original post:

With the vision of a completely painted army on the horizon, I’m a little giddy.  So much so, in fact, that I’ve found myself buying some extra models here and there to ensure that I only have to dip models one more time.  Now, I know it will most likely come down to dipping again in the future, but I’m silly like that.  

"Finished" spore mine prototypes.


Anywho, I spied a lot of spore mines on eBay for cheap (about $.50 per mine seemed reasonable to me), so I snatched up another 51 mines.  After shipping, several had broken, so I was left with 48 mines to paint up–which I did yesterday.  I forget the exact total of what I’d already painted (in fact, I went back and looked at my original post which claimed the number to be “30 something”), so I should have about 80 mines now.  Yeah, that’s a few too many for a standard game of 40k, but this many just screams APOCALYPSE DATASHEET to me–so I’ll have to come up with an idea for that now. 

Anywho, so now I have some biovores to paint, and I still need to model some tunnels…  and then I’m finished (for real this time–well, until I get more models).  Someone help me overcome my addiction!! 

In the meantime, if you have any good ideas for an Apoc datasheet involving spore mines, I’m all ears…


7 comments on “More Spores

    • They’re super basic, but with enough of them on the table, they don’t look
      half bad. Now I just need to come up with a logical reason to field 50+
      spores. Got any good ideas for an Apoc formation involving massive amounts
      of them?

  1. You could totally fill out your fast attack slots with them, and then take as many biovores as you could. Then you’re really banking on facing against the green tide or the likes. if you pick some solid troops and elites (which nids have plenty of) then it could still function as a good list.

    • Ironically, facing a swarm army with biovores decreases the likelihood that
      you’d actually need spore mine models (as it increases the chances of
      deviations hitting another model).

      Either way, I don’t think it’s possible really to use 50+ spores in a normal
      game (27 fast attack, and 23+ spore mines launched by biovores). I s’pose
      in a 6 turn game with three squads of three biovores launching each turn,
      assuming every shot missed and didn’t deviate into another target (and was
      never exploded), there could be need for up to 54 other spores floating
      around, but the odds of anything like that happening would be astronomical.

      Really, I think if I ever want to field that many spores, I’m relegated to
      Apocalypse games. While I love the theme of dropping spores all over the
      table to set the tone for a game, I was thinking that it would be neat to
      have an apocalyptic formation of spore mines, though I’ve not made any of my
      own formations before. I’m envisioning them making rules for night fight,
      causing people to take toughness tests, blocking LoS, or something along
      those lines.

      Have you any suggestions on that front?

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