Apocalypse 2011: In Search of Vacillite

In dark taverns across the galaxy, whispers of a new mineral have surfaced.  Rumors of it’s powers vary widely: many claim it has a variety of snake-oil sounding medicinal purposes, others extoll on the uses of it to make unstable particles or use as a fuel supplement, still others say it can be used as a psychic conduit, perhaps replacing the need for Astropaths entirely.  No hype like this has existed in the Imperium of man over a new mineral in over 37,000 years go when the great unobtainum find on a small moon in the Alpha Centauri system.  Whatever properties the stone does exist, Vacillite (as the Rogue Traders have dubbed it) clearly warrants further investigation.

The first find of the mineral was a scant three months ago.  Since then, rumors have billowed throughout the sector, drawing interest from all kinds of characters, and virtually every race to the small planet of Okassis, in search of power…

This Saturday marks our inagural Apocalypse game for the 2011 season.  Like last year, I plan to host several over the course of the year, and this time I intend to tie them together thematically.   This particular game is planned four an 8 player game over the course of a single day with the following special rules:

Special Rules:

These are based upon the previous Apoc rules (link here) with some changes.  There is no limitation to the armor of vehicles in this game.  There are also three new rules special for this game (see below).

  • Each player has 3000 points to assemble their force, using the rest of the rules as a guideline.
  • Teams will be chosen logically the day of the battle.
  • Please have a copy of your army list that you can leave at the game.  I intend to do a write-up of every army involved and a battle report of how things unfold.  I recognize that some people prefer to keep their lists for future use—and that’s fine, but I would like a copy of it for the purposes of the battle report.
  • Datasheets from any Imperial Armor codices well as formations from Apocalypse, Apocalypse Reload, IA: Apocalypse, White Dwarf, or the GW website are all legal.  Home-made VDR creations, old Chapter Approved data, etc. are not.
  • Strategic Assets as displayed in the Apocalypse and Apocalypse Reload rulebook are not allowed.  New custom strategic asset cards will be distributed randomly to each player before the game begins.  You may still purchase formations from various rulebooks that include strategic assets, but you will not receive the assets to use in the game.
  • Each force will be considered a single army, but rules from a given army will not affect allied armies.  For instance, a Space Marine Chaplain can not join an allied ork unit to give them the ability to re-roll hits, but one player’s zoanthrope will count as synapse for an allied player’s Tyranid models.
  • WYSIWYG will not be strictly enforced, but each model should be logical and easily distinguishable.  The goal isn’t to sell more GW products, but rather to have fun.  Because of this, if you want to use a land raider as a land raider redeemer, that’s fine, but using a terminator or a shoe-box to represent a land raider is a no-no.  Whatever the case, any deviations from WYSIWYG need to be very clearly documented and communicated to everyone at the game prior to the start of the battle.
  • Disputes will be decided with a roll off.
  • When multiple entries for a given unit exist, the latest approved version will be used.  For example, Hierophants show up in both the Imperial Armor 4 book, as well as the Apocalypse book.  Since the Apoc book was printed more recently, we’ll use those rules.
  • 50% of your units and/or points must be deployed on the table on turn 1, unless the units not deployed are in an apocalypse formation that changes their deployment.
  • Rules for Dice:
    • If any die isn’t flat, reroll it.  Even if it seems obvious what the die was supposed to be, re-roll it.  This prevents gray areas.
    • Dice only count if rolled on the table—if they fall on the floor, they must be re-rolled.

New Rules:

  • 45  minutes will be allotted per side for each turn.  Approximately 15 minutes for movement, 15 minutes for shooting, and 15 minutes for assault.  This is so we can get a full 5 turns in before the game ends.  We will time each phase at 15 minutes. (this was previously 20 minutes)
  • Each player is alotted a single Force Organization Chart (FoC) and an additional super-heavy with which to construct his army.  If the player fills his chart completely (ie. 2HQ, 6Troops, 3everything else) they may receive an additional FoC chart (And accompanying Superheavy slot) with which to expand into.  This process repeats until the players are out of points.
  • Players need not purchase the accompanying superheavy slot in order to unlock their 2nd (or subsequent) FoC.
  • Purchasing of Apocalyptic formation does not allow you around this rule: the formation must abide by this.  For example, the Space Marine Predator Assassin formation (3x Predators) would take up three heavy support choices.  Likewise, the Carnifex Screamer Killer Brood (3x Carnies) would take up 1-3 heavy support choices (Depending upon how you arranged them in squads).
  • Each super-heavy takes up one slot.  Purchasing a baneblade formation of three models requires you to have at least 2 full Force Organization Charts, but with a single full FoC you can have 2.
  • No Strength D weapons allowed.
  • Units purchased as troops (or those normally purchased for the purpose of manufactured units)  will count as scoring for the point of holding objectives–along with any other special units normally considered scoring (ie. Sternguard with Pedro on board).
  • At the end of the battle, each participant can nominate one (non-gargantuan/superheavy) unit who performed well to give them a veteran ability (see page #263 of the rulebook).  The unit must be given a name and can be used in future campaign games for their normal points cost with their new abilities.


Presently, the following players have confirmed attendance:

  1. Rob (Tyranids)
  2. Blaine (Tyranids)
  3. Cole (Tyranids)
  4. Kris (Marines)
  5. Dan (IGuard?)
  6. Tony (Blood Angels)
  7. Sam (Marines)

The following players are tentative:

  1. Andrew (Dark Angels)?


“Vacillite” image is actually a photoshop tutorial by psdvault.  You can see the tutorial in it’s entirety here.

8 comments on “Apocalypse 2011: In Search of Vacillite

      • aight, maybe ill have to make a run there to pick up some marines to paint and hopefully Tyrant bits from Jason…i’m sorta slated to work on my kitchen floor too that evening but whatever.

        Did you decide if/how your going to tie unit’s in between games this year?***Read email nvm….*** Also maybe we should just go nids vs world again =)

      • Is he confirmed? Otherwise if it’s really not out of your way that would help.

        Just need a bag from Andrew of marines to paint for the contest, and Jason should be bringing me a Tyrant bone sword/lash whip.

  1. “50% of your units and/or points must be deployed on the table on turn 1, unless the units not deployed are in an apocalypse formation that changes their deployment.”

    That is a rule I would dearly love to see enforced in all games of 40K (except specially written scenarios). I hope it gets into the 6th edition of the game.

    It’s so annoying to ‘play’ 40K with an opponent who doesn’t have anything on the board, and misses the point of wargaming (you’re supposed to be playing a battle, not the time spent just before the battle started).

    I’m looking forward to your write up of the game.

    • If previous battles are any indication, the write-up will likely span 3-4
      posts. We’ve got some particularly unusual rules in effect this game (to be
      announced), so I’m really interested to see how they work out. It could go
      really well, or it could be utter chaos. Obviously, I’m hoping for the

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