Week One Keepers of the Flame Project

So here we are at the end of the first week of February and the first check point in the project. Last time i posted the painting guide for the chapter and this week, I’ve painted the next Veteran and the first character for the army.

Sternguard Veteran

First up, the second veteran of Combat Epsilon. Painted just the same as the one before him, this guy has an awesome pose, that perfect firing on the advance thing. He isn’t totally finished but is very very close.

I decided to stick to the blue eyes and purity seals but took the armour highlights right up to Gold Yellow (Vallejo).

Couldn’t decide if i should pick out the leg studs in black or not so i didn’t, what do you think?

So, with the second veteran done, up next was the completion of an old character model I started a long time ago. Librarian Reas Imarion, Guardian of the Hall of Fire and First Seer of the Sacred Flame is head of the Librarium of the chapter. There wasn’t much left to do on this guy, just his face, a final highlight on the armour and on the staff, so here he is.

Librarian Reas Imarion

I love painting blue armour up to white, it’s very soothing. Starting with Regal blue and working to white takes some time, but is really worth it in the end.

I went for quite a pale skin tone, all that strain won’t do your complection any good. Pure white eyes give him that un-earthly feel along with the purple bags under the eye lids.

The book is still a bit odd as I just don’t know what to put on the pages.  If you have any ideas, leave a comment and the best will become immortalised in Librarian Reas’s tome.

Last but by no means least this week, I finished off the banner for the 3rd company. It was started a few years back by an old friend in the RAF. He penciled the design in and got the base colours on. However, the project then stopped and so did the banner. As it was a slow week, I decided to spend some time on it. Here it is.

The Third Company Banner

The design of the Imperial Aquila rising from the flames is strongly tied into the chapters dark past, more on that later, and my hat goes off to my friend for being able to draw in such detail.

The scroll at the bottom will be inscribed with the company battle cry, Tertius Incendia, meaning The Third flame or Flame of the Third. I used Latin as I have always assumed High Gothic to be something very similar.

So, thats about it for this week, just a quick reminder to send in all your hobby tutorials and guide to thelongbeard2010@gmail.com in order for them to be added to the Ultimate Hobby Guide and for you to have a chance of winning the free book competition. For more info go to http://longbeard-painting.blogspot.com/.

Until next time, I will leave you with a nice group shot of the models so far.

The Whole Family



3 comments on “Week One Keepers of the Flame Project

  1. I love these orange marines, why do we not see more orange marines? I’ve decided that if I ever bother to do the Orks I got in Black Reach they will have orange gear. They’ll pumpkin fetishists! Trick or treat?

      • this is why I went for orange. I asked around a few years ago and no one could name an orange chapter, plus they said it would be an imposible task (no foundations or washes back then) thus I did it.

        As for those orcs, do it! i posted a post on my blog a while ago about orc flesh (lootas) if you’re interested. Thanks fr the comments guys, nice to see people are ready the posts.

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