In Review: Ak Team Tournie 2011

Hello All,

My name is Cole, or 08ak1 if you will.  I am friends with site progenitor Rob here in Alaska and have decided to write articles for his blog from time to time as I don’t have the time to keep a blog up myself.  I enjoy recaping my tournament play, writing lengthy wordy articles about strategy and list building, and breaking others from any hogwash thoughts that a codex has only one or two “viable” builds or that certain units are entirely useless.

For my first foray I will review and recap our local Team Tournament that occured this weekend, including some pictures of our local armies and some opinions of how it went and what we can think about for future changes to similar events.

First is my list: I attended with another good freind of mine who played 40k with me for a good five years starting with 2nd edition through 3rd.  He has a desire to get back in the game but has no models at this time so we shared my Space Wolves army for the event.

Force 1:

  • Logan Grimnar
  • Wolf Guard Terminators (5) All equipped differently
  • Wolf Guard Terminators (4) W/1 non-Termintor(assigned to Grey Hunters)
  • Long Fangs(6) All Multi-Melta’s

Force 2(friends):

  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, W/Frost weapon and SS ect.
  • Rune Priest, W/Chooser, Living Lightning, Jaws of the WW
  • Wolf Guard Termintors (5) W/Arjac Rockfist
  • Grey Hunters (7) W/Standard, Melta
  • Thunder Wolf Cavalry (1) W/Power Fist

It’s an army I’ve used in similar fashion before, with the addition of the TW Cavalry.  We had hit and miss success throughout, notably our fist game was terrible as we lost the Thunderwolf Lord on turn 1 to a Dreadnought drop(the IA version that allows it to assault same turn).  We lost Arjac and a terminator to a Jaws of the world wolf on Turn 2, and really we just failed about every roll we could and our opponents had the opposite luck.

However games 2 and 3 were quite different, for some reason our luck had been stored up and we made insane numbers of saves much to our opponents dismay.  In the end, we placed 2nd in Overall score with a total loss in round 1, a total win in round 2, and a minor win in round 3, but more importantly we had a great time.

Below are the pictures of the armies.  If you were there and your army isn’t pictured, I’m sorry and I apologise for my camera’s quality.  Our force is the 2 pictured space wolves, best painted went to the Eldar/Tau army, Overall victor went to the IG army, and best Sportsman went to the Orcs.

To Review the tournament overall I give the following points out:

  1. The Adepticon Scenario’s were top notch and really put a spin on each game.  I think I might start printing them out and bringing them for casual play.
  2. Time is, as ever, a problem in tournaments. For instance in our 1st and 3rd game we just barely finished our 4th turn before time was called.  The end result of this in our 3rd game was that our last drop pod did not even make it to the battlefield, thus turning that game from a major win to a minor win as the rune priest inside became a KP tieing up the primary objective. An extra 10-20 minutes needed to be added to each game’s time, to allow ample time to read the quite complex scenario’s and allow more talking instead of concentrated playing.  This has been a constant issue at nearly every tournament I’ve attended.
  3. I pushed for 4 player teams, as per the adepticon format this year, but got little to no response from the community–so it didn’t happen.  4 player teams allow less hardcore army building as you don’t know which of your team mates you’ll be with each round, allows more non-tournament types to come as it’s more of a community event then a straight tourny, and allows far more enthusiasm within the teams.  However, our community here just doesn’t have the player base to get enough people really into it i guess, perhaps one day we can try it out.
  4. If you don’t go to tourney’s, for whatever reason, I would really encourage you to try from time to time.  I have never played a game with any “power gamer %$^#” and the best part of tournaments is that often folks come in from outside your normal environment to play, so you get to see and play against new forces.  For instance, my opponents for this tournie were Dark Angels/Space Wolves, Orcs, and Dark Eldar.  All except maybe the SW’s are armies I do not normally get to play against and so I really enjoyed getting to play them there.  In Summary, it’s worth the occasional dick to come to these…

Have you been to a team tourney before or were at this one?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


8 comments on “In Review: Ak Team Tournie 2011

  1. That was a Tau Eldar force you are seeing and it was brought by ?Tim and Amber?. I am not sure about the names but they were nice folks and my team enjoyed playing them.

  2. It was an awesome time. Jason’s Orks were so pretty to look at, and he had a solid list. I can’t believe you two made almost every single save. That was insane! Good game! Keep those Adepticon rules – I love the variety and I’ll gladly throw my Angels at you using those rules!

    Orks and Daemons should be Stubborn! We made a clean sweep of our 3rd game and I lost more Orks to Fearless than anything else! Deffkoptas’ Scout Move… wow. Just wow! I’d take 3×3 of those guys if I played Orks! We still came in 3rd overall, and won Best Sportsman!

    • Yeah i really wish i had gotten more pictures of our game with you guys, the Ork horde being pushed back by a wall of terminators was very cinematic, not to mention both armies were well painted.

  3. It was a great tourney! I ended up playing against two separate DE teams with my ‘Nilla Marines (a pseudo-doublewing), and the wonderfully painted Orks up above. I can’t wait until our next big Apoc game….

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