Why Doesn’t Warhammer39999 Link to Your Blog?

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your blog is to get your name out there.   A simple way to accomplish just that is to have more people linking to your site (for a list of other ways, check out my post on increasing traffic to your blog). 

When I created this blog, my intent with my blogroll was to create a list of blogs that I like.  Now, I frequently peek through popular blogrolls like those on Ron’s From the Warp and the Bell of Lost Souls, and read blogs of all sorts, but those that consistently caught my eye, were the ones that found their way to my blogroll. 

But I no longer use my own page for reading other blogs (now I use RSS readers, such as those usedby Google’s Friend Connect).  As a result, my antiquated thought process behind what a blogroll should be needs to be updated. 

From this point on, the Warhammer39999.com blogroll ceases to be a reminder to me of the blogs that I most frequently read, but instead will become a small contribution to the Warhammer 40k blogging community as a whole: with links to anyone who wants them, providing a couple of basic requirements are met:

  1. Your blog should be based primarily on Warhammer 40k or the various offshoot games and ideas.
  2. You add us to your blogroll as well.
  3. You add a reply to this thread (or send me an email) letting us know with a link to your blog, letting me know you want me to link to your site.
  4. Post semi-frequently.  This doesn’t have to be a daily, or even a weekly post, but I suspect that this will eventually grow, and I’ll want to prune out defunct links.  Some time in the future, we’ll go back and prune out some older blogs who never seem to post anymore.  Granted, if you begin posting again after that happens, you can always request to be added again…

That’s it. 

Now, technically you don’t even have to do step #2, as we’re not going to bother to check you on that matter.  Since we’ll be posting a link on my blog to yours, naturally, we’d appreciate you returning the favor, but it’s not strictly necessary.  If there’s a reason why you don’t want to link to the site, we’ll forgive you.

So, if you want a little more visibility on this massive internet, just let me know and I’ll add you to the blogroll.

“Toilet Blog Roll” image taken from a random google image search but obviously should be credited to http://www.almostgotit.com/.


22 comments on “Why Doesn’t Warhammer39999 Link to Your Blog?

    • Looks good from my end. The reason you’re not seeing it is that the page
      is configured to only display the most recent posts from 30 or so blogs.
      Since your most recent post is more than a week old, you don’t show on the
      list–but if you make a new post, you will indeed be listed.

      If we get a significant increase in the blogs listed on the roll, we’ll make
      changes to display more at a time.

  1. Hey, would you add me, if I’m not already on here? I’m not sure about MOST of my material being 40K related… I’d say roughly 50/50 with RPG. If I don’t count, lemme know…

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