Worldwide Hobby Project: The Ultimate Hobby Guide

On Saturday 22nd of January 2011, Longbeard Painting and Modelling launched a worldwide hobby project called the Ultimate Hobby Guide. The idea is to gather the collective hobby knowledge and experience of the blogger-sphere into a single document. As you can imagine, this would be a great resource for hobbiests everywhere but, it will also strengthen the hobby community between blogs! Win win right!

So, what are we looking for from all of you?
Those who wish to contribute need not spend a year and a half planning and executing a tutorial on basing, in fact it would probably be very long and boring and so not be much use. You can write a tutorial on whatever you want, be it painting, converting, sculpting, construction or any other aspect of the hobby.

There are a few things you need and these are as follows;

  1. A great idea for a tutorial
  2. Clear step by step instructions/guides (if possible, i know it isn’t always)
  3. Helpful photos where possible (not essential, but they really do help)

So, you’ve got your idea, you’ve gone out and completed the task itself and have the pictures as well. All you now need to do is write the whole thing up, complete with pictures in a word document (it doesn’t matter what edition of word) and email it to me at , with the subject “UHG”.

Once I have received your tutorial i will list it on the project page (

As soon as I have enough tutorials to make a books worth, I will publish the first edition of The Ultimate Hobby Guide. This will be available for download totally free but also as a hard bound book at the cost of production. However, I will still be looking out for more tutorials to add to the 2nd edition etc so the guide should just keep growing and growing!

ATTENTION: ON THE DATE OF PUBLISHING I WILL BE GIVING AWAY ONE FREE COPY OF THE HARD BOUND EDITION FOR THE LARGEST CONTRIBUTER OF QUALITY TUTORIALS! If you win I will ship the book to you at no cost to yourself regardless of where you live. So, to be in with a chance of winning, send in your tutorials asap and if you have more than one, send them all, increase your chance on winning!

Please note, you will also be able to order the book in a softback format.

So if you have a great idea, send them to me at thelongbeard2010@gmail.comand keep an eye out for posts regarding this project and the project page at Longbeard Painting and Modelling (

Until next time,




2 comments on “Worldwide Hobby Project: The Ultimate Hobby Guide

  1. well then, send in some tutorials, rob already has along with andy walker from breviks lair. It can be anything even if it seems very very perticular, send it in. I am hoping to add in a lot of ron’s stuff from the warp soon as well. Glad to see the positive responce for this though.

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