NKOTB: Confessions of a 40k Addict

This month’s New Kid on the Block is Dwez from “Confessions of a 40k Addict,” accompanied by 80’s one-hit-wonder: A-ha!  You remember A-ha, and their lone hit “Take on Me” with the line-drawing mad racing car people?  I never really understood the video until I saw the literal video.

But I digress, if you’re wondering just what I’m blathering about, each month I try to take a moment to focus on a newcomer to the blogging world to spread the good word about a site that I’m excited about, and I call the feature NKOTB (short for New Kids on the Block).  The hope here is to let my readers know of another nifty site out there, and perhaps toss a little traffic their way to get them started.

So, again, this month we’re focusing on Confessions of a 40k Addict.  What first attracted me to his blog was the quality terrain he was making in his “Terrain is Everything” column (see closeups in this post).  I was impressed with the quality buildings he was able to cobble together using nothing more than foamboard, cardboard and PVA glue, and then he took the time to put the plans up on the internet so anyone could download them (thanks, D).  

The next day, he put up a simple, but effective “Nid Reclaimation Pool,” which was really not much more than a fancy crater from GW.  What made it great was the simple and elegant touches he used to take it up from a cheap plastic bit to a realistic looking piece of terrain.  Both the rope vines and the ball-bubbles just made this project complete.  While I don’t intend to duplicate this exact effect, I’ll assuredly steal both of these ideas for terrain projects in the future.

In addition to his modelling prowess, he’s got some old school models up his sleeve (something near and dear to our hearts at Warhammer39999.com).  When you go to his blog, be sure to check out his classic harlequin force and his classic rogue-trader era Dark Angels.

The last part of his blog that I wanted to mention is that he seems to make materials available for download relatively frequently.  First, he pointed out List Maker (a fancy Excel spreadsheet for creating lists of various armies).  Granted, it’s no Army Builder, but then again, it’s free and readily available to anyone who wants it.  He also put up the rules for power armored marines in Space Hulk from an old issue of White Dwarf.  Though I wouldn’t recommend anyone posting copyrighted material online, I’m not sure where else newer players would get this sort of information.

So, if you haven’t already, go check out his site and confess to him your opinions.  I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Checking up on Last Month’s New Kid:

“Last month” was really six months ago, and in that time, Stahly has been slowly churning out his masterpieces in both his Eldar force and his newly acquired Skaven models.  In particular, I’m wowed by his Farseer.   I wish he’d post more, but I suspect when you’re churning out that level of quality, it takes a while…  Look for him to win some Golden Demons in the near future…


4 comments on “NKOTB: Confessions of a 40k Addict

  1. Hey Warhammer 39,999 just spotted your props for the blog, can’t have come at a better time. Support like this make it worthwhile so I’ll look to get some more terrain bits online for everyone.

    I was never a big fan of 80’s music, though the wife is obsessed, but I kinda liked ‘Take on Me’ I think the video swung it for me…

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