Greetings/The Road Ahead

Greetings and welcome to a new guest blog here at warhammer39999. I’ll be posting here every fortnight (hopefully moving up to weekly as time goes by but we shall see how this flies first) with updates on my new project, The Keepers of the Flame.     

Keepers of the Flame Veteran

The projects is actually not new at all and is about 6 years old, but hasn’t been touched in years and so I have decided to completely restart it from scratch. The Keepers of the Flame (KotF) are a self-designed space marine chapter of the 6thfounding. They are descendants of the Imperial Fist gene seed and follow the Codex Astartes fairly closely. They differ from their parent chapter in one main way, where the Imperial Fists idealise defence and fortress building, KotF are siege breakers, specialising in breaking the unbreakable and storming the unstormable, if that’s even a word.    

The Project

For this project I plan to make and paint 500 points a month of this army until I can do no more.  It’s a simply idea but it gives me enough to do that there is always something but not so much that it seems too much and I end up giving up, orange will do that to you. Each fortnight I will post an update on what I have got done and what I still have to do, along with any conversions involved.    

I will make a post on the chapter’s background, origins and history later on if people are interested, but for now, let’s get on and paint some models.    

Painting the Keepers of the Flame

The main armour colour for the chapter is a bright orange and the secondary colour is black. The chapter symbol is a brazier of colour flame, the colour of the flame denoting the company that marine belongs to.   

Orange is one of those colours that people tend to shy away from as it’s not all that easy to get looking good. However, after 6 years of testing and playing around, I think I’ve got it about right for how I want it. In this section I’ll detail each step in painting The Keepers of the Flame.     

  • Step One: Undercoat the entire model white, I advise using a white spray primer. (Citadel or Army Painter are both good)

    Step Four

  • Step Two: Paint all the armour with a thin coat of Scorched Brown (GW). This doesn’t need to be tidy.
  • Step Three: Paint the armour with a thing coat of Scrofulous Brown (VGC). This doesn’t need to be tidy.
  • Step Four: Wash the whole armour with Devlan Mud (GW).
  • Step Five: Pick out the armour plates with Macharius Solar Orange (GW).
  • Step Six: Paint the armour plates Orange Fire (VGC), thinned 50/50 with paint thinner (VGC).
  • Step Seven: Wash the armour with Gryphonne Sepia (GW).
  • Step Eight: Paint the armour plates Orange Fire (VGC), thinned 70/30 with paint thinner (VGC).
  • Step Nine: Highlight the armour plates with 50/50 Orange Fire (VGC) and Gold Yellow (VGC).

    Step Five

  • Step Ten: Apply Gryphonne Sepia to the recesses only.
  • Step Eleven: Black out the right shoulder pad inside and the right shoulder pad rim. Also black out the chest eagle, the weaponry, the armour seals and any other metallic details.
  • Step Twelve: Highlight the black shoulder sections and cheat eagle with 50/50 Black (VGC) and Ghost Grey (VGC).
  • Step Thirteen: Wash the shoulder pads with Badab Black (GW).
  • Step Fourteen: Paint the all metallic areas Gun Metal (VGC).
  • Step Fifteen: Wash all metal areas with Badab Black (GW).
  • Step Sixteen: Highlight all metal areas with Chainmail (GW).

    Step Eight

  • Step Seventeen: Paint all purity seals with Dwarf Flesh (VGC) and Lightning Blue (VGC).
  • Step Eighteen: Paint the eyes Ice Blue (GW); wash with Asurman Blue (GW), Highlight Ice Blue (GW).
  • Step Nineteen: Base the model.

Keepers of the Flame Veteran


Keepers of the Flamer Veteran

Keepers of the Flame Veteran

After all that you do finaly end up with a rather nice looking marine. The eyes in this veteran are a bit and there are a few messy bit, but you can see what I’m aiming for.There we have it, not the quickest way to paint a marine but worth it in the end.     

The Next Month

So, February marks the first month of this project and I already have my first 500 points ready to start. This month I will be painting;    

  • Space Marine Captain with a power sword
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Missile Launcher
  • 5 Man Combat Squad
  • 5 Man Sternguard Veteran Squad

That’s 21 bright orange space marines in 28 days. For more info on this project or the chapter history feel free to contact me at or leave a comment. All opinions, suggestions and comments are welcome.     

See you all in a fortnight.  


2 comments on “Greetings/The Road Ahead

  1. I know what you mean, it really does take a while to paint, but is worth it in the end. As for the model yeh, its such a simple pose but somehow look better than anthing else you often see from marines. The sternguard models really are awesome. Thanks for the comment as well, always nice to know what people think.

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