Resolutions for 2011

With the New Year come and gone, it’s time to sit down and think up some more resolutions for this year.  As with last year, I’m a little late in getting around to this post.  And as with last year, I’m going to focus all of these particular resolutions towards gaming specifically, which isn’t to say that I won’t have personal or professional goals as well (you bet your arse I will), but since this is a blog about hobbies, we’ll focus on that for now.

Goals: Old School Style

As for where to begin, well, that’s easy.  As stated in my New Year’s post, we can start simply by resuming those goals from last year that slipped through my grasp, but perhaps rewording them slightly to be more in tune with where I’d like to be now.

  1. Avoid starting any new armies.  Given my prediliction towards buying things I don’t need, this must be an immutable goal. 
  2. Create army specific pages for each of my established forces displaying the content of each.

Considering these were just a small subset of the goals I planned to accomplish earlier, let’s pack on a few more for good measure, including those above (color-coded).

  • Blogging Goals:
    1. Create army specific pages for each of my established forces displaying the content of each.
    2. Create 104 posts in the year (that’s two posts per week for the mathematically challenged).
    3. Create a banner for the site.  It’s been over a year now; and with so many great banners out there, Warhammer39999’s time has come for a bit of a face lift.
    4. Refocus on some previous posting ideas for a full year, including at least one post per month devoted to: Safety First, NKOTB, Polls, and the Evolution of 40k.  I’ve already started with a post on how to hackerproof your blog.
    5. Recruit another blogger (or regular guest blogger) for the site.  (Interested?  Drop me a line)
    6. Have 20% more visitors than in 2010, tracked by Google Analytics and Google Friend Connect.
    7. Take pictures of all individual units I have completed to post to the appropriate pages of the blog.
  • Hobby Goals:
    1. Achieve at least 100 painting points (originally invented by Lone Pilgrim).
    2. Assemble a new super-heavy for my chaos forces in Apocalypse.
    3. Assemble, base, and paint my city-fight terrain (ie. buildings).
    4. Avoid starting any new armies.

Well, that gives me a solid 11 goals, each with measurable metrics.  That way I can determine whether or not I complete them before the end of the year.  From what I accomplished last year, I think these are wholy achievable.  They do seem a little easier to accomplish than I could probably muster, but I plan to spend even more time this year focusing on non-hobby goals as well. 

Wish me luck!

7 comments on “Resolutions for 2011

      • Class started, Major Revenue generating server at work broke, wife’s birthday, parents leaving town and need us to watch house….I spent nearly 25 hours in an air conditioned dehumidified server room last week.

        Oh and on Wed. i got food poisoning that’s still lingering even today…

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