Guest Bloggers Wanted

Have you wanted to contribute to blogging but don’t have the time (or gumption) to start your own blog?  Or maybe you already have a blog, but it aren’t getting the amount of traffic you would like and it feels like a lot of work to keep it going.  Well, have no fear, is looking for guest bloggers. 

I’m looking to recruit at least one guest blogger to post regularly (or semi-regularly).  Contributors must adhere to a few simple rules:

  1. Keep it Clean – No profanity, flame wars, or general badmouthing of other blogs/companies.
  2. Keep it Legible – Basic spelling and grammar rules apply here.  If writing isn’t your strong point, I’ll happily proof-read your work for you though.
  3. Keep it 40k – Or 40k-esque is good enough… Gotta stay true to the blog.

Of course, that’s the bare minimums.  A splash of creativity or a flair for creative writing would be a great help as well.  Ideally, I’m looking for a like-minded individual or two that would like to dabble in blogging but doesn’t want to worry about actually maintaining the whole blog-thing.

Anyone who becomes a regular blogger gets a free email address, along with image hosting space, and a collaborative vote on how the site is used.

That’s pretty much it.  So, have you an interest in contributing?  If so, please contact me at  Please include an idea as to what you’d like to blog about (a sample blog entry would be ideal!), and how frequently you think you’d like to post.  Whether you just have the one idea you want to get out, or if you want to post on a weekly basis, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks and again, happy new year!

Uncle Sam / Ultramarine photo doctored up by yours truly.  Original Ultra helmet by NotKevinJohn.  Classic Uncle Sam pic public domain…


14 comments on “Guest Bloggers Wanted

      • Good luck. Hopefully it works out better for you than it has me. I’ve got three authors, aside from myself, and between them they’ve produced 8 articles. That wouldn’t be bad if I weren’t talking over the past year or so.

      • I managed to lure a friend into blogging, and he mustered a whopping three
        posts before fizzling out. I also helped inspire a local gamer into the
        fray, and he did a couple dozen posts before fizzling. But, I haven’t given
        up on either of them yet…

      • Three posts in a two week period (what he actually accomplished) is nothing
        short of phenomenal for a guest poster. Falling off the face of the earth
        after that? Well, yeah, I’d say there’s room for improvement.

        I can harass him though, since we’ve been friends since high school.

        As for full-time blogging… the pay just isn’t there, ya know? As it
        stands, I think I can keep up 2-3 posts per week myself almost
        indefinitely. I’ve got a few month’s worth queued up already! 🙂

  1. seems there is a slight problem with that email adress, or maybe not, I got a weird return message saying the group I was trying to post in may not exist, if that makes any sense.


    BH Senior Editor

    • Hey, whatever it takes to keep the community alive, right. 🙂

      I remember the post of your tactical sergeant ages ago (for the record, I
      still like the look), but then you disappeared off the grid. Glad to see
      you’re back in action.

    • Legible issue fixed. I still don’t see a grammar issues in the first
      paragraph though (unless you’re talking about starting a sentence with
      “or,” which was intentional for effect).

      Of course, if you feel you can do better, there’s always a guest
      blogging spot waiting for you…. *cough*

  2. Right, I take this as a kick up the backside…

    Sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth for (long) while. I’ve been thinking more about what I could / would want to write though. I’ll email you… let’s say before the end of January… That gives me a deadline, but also time to put something together…

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