Happy New Year: 2011

First and foremost, I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.  Hope everyone made it home safe from their assorted parties, and great happiness to you and yours in the upcoming year.

Now, down to business.  My intent was to use this post to accomplish two things:

  1. Reflect on my resolutions from last year
  2. Set some new goals for this year

Ultimately though, I think I’m only going to get to do one of those, due to time restrictions.  So, let’s take them in order and see how I did on resolutions from last year. 

For those taking notes, my resolutions for 2010 can be found in this post.  Of those, I actually achieve the following goals:

  1. I achieved at least 130 painting points (the exact number is still being worked out, but I might have doubled this goal).  For a list of posts including painted models for 2010, click here).
  2. I sold off my Eldar models (Spring Cleaning 2010 for both this an item#3 below)
  3. I sold off many of my old models (those I have no intention of ever using)
  4. I coordinated three Apocalypse games (just barely: Arctic Apocalypse, Argos Prime, and most recently, an 80,000 point game.
  5. I created 168 blog posts for the year, significantly more than the 100 I had in mind.
  6. I inspired Jerm™ to create a couple of posts here (including this one) before tiring out, and Cole over at 08ak1 was at least somewhat inspired by my prodding…
  7. I’m certainly on more blogrolls than I was a year ago, but I’d like to become slightly more visible.  I wouldn’t dream of wanting to become Fritz or Jawaballs, but somewhere in the Brent (ie. Strictly Average) realm would be cool.
  8. I started no MMO’s (nor did I relapse back into WoW when Cataclysm was released.  This wasn’t a hard goal though).
  9. I managed to base virtually my entire Tyranid Swarm.  This was an unexpected last minute thing, so I’ll get some posts up on it before too long.  Strictly speaking, it wasn’t 100% fulfilled, but I knocked out at least 98% of them.  The only thing that stopped me from completing all of them was not having enough bases on hand!

9 successful goals, and then there are the three failures.  The following goals evaded me for one reason or another:

  1. Avoid starting any new armies.  Or, if I start a new army, do not use any new money to fund that army–using only what I’ve earned from above) – Strictly speaking, I didn’t violate this, but I did expand both my Chaos and IG army (neither of which I play), so I feel like I failed here.  Oh wait.. it’s worse than that.  I somehow acquired a few hundred goblins–for a game I don’t even play.  And an “army” of monkies… eek, I did horrible here, but they were cheap!!
  2.  Get mentioned in the “Tuesday Top Ten” post on FTW at least three times – Only got the nod once for… well, I don’t remember what.   Oh yeah, it was my rehashing of strategy cards for 40k.
  3. Create army specific pages for each of my established forces displaying the content of each. – Again, this is a technical problem.  Each army does have a page, but since I don’t have pics of everything, the pages are pretty ugly looking right now, so they’re not live on the site.

In summary, I completed 75% of my goals, with reasonable excuses (in my opinion) as to why the others have been delayed.  I’ll just have to push those into my goals for 2011… along with some more things I’m kicking around.  More on those later…

How about you?  How did you do on your goals for 2010?

Image modified from http://www.crichlowcreations.net/


7 comments on “Happy New Year: 2011

  1. Thanks for sharing your review of 2010. Is it not odd that you can foretell so little when you set goals for yourself at the start of the year.

    Priorities change, circumstances change yet you have adhered to your goals very well. Congratulations.

    Keep investing in your blog. I’m sure your work will pay off in 2011!

    Happy New Year.

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