Bone Sword Options for Tyranids

More than a year after the Tyranid codex was released, we’re still lacking an official GW option for Tyranid boneswords.  Rumor has it GW will be releasing a “direct only” option for warriors, but that still leaves the Swarmlord out on his own.  Since they’re a great addition to any Tyranid force (and a must if you want to field a Swarmlord), here is a list of alternative places where you can buy them online:

Of the list, I’ve only used the ones by Paulson games, so I can’t speak to the quality of most of them.  I have ordered items from maxmini before though, and can attest to the overall quality of their work, but otherwise, I’d recommend the options from Paulson.  For examples of completed works, you can see pics of my Swarmlord and Tyranid Primes (aka Alpha Warriors), or my overall review of the swords from Paulson games here.

Granted, not everyone will have the luxury of going out and buying these bits, or perhaps you just prefer a different overall look than those provided above.  For this reason I’ve prodded around and found some nifty conversions online.  If you’re looking for ideas, look no farther than:

I’m quite fond of the BoLS lashwhip options, and the high-detailed sculpts over at resin addict, but all of them are great in their own way.  Some of them are so beautifully simple, that they can be made with existing parts you have lying around, without much effort, and to great effect.  There are truly a ton of creative people out there.

If you, or anyone else you know, has another alternative somewhere, and would like to be listed here, please let me know.  I’d love to see them, and to have a more complete list of bonesword alternatives.  Just leave a comment and I’ll get back with you promptly.

Last Minute Update: If you’re interested in purchased options, you should probably get on them quickly before GW swings their hammer and closes your favorite shop down.  Rumor from BoLS is that GW is taking both Chapterhouse & Paulson Games to court over their products (at least I assume this is the Paulson they’re referring to, the actual complaint is here).  Long story short, don’t be too surprised if the market on these items dries up rather quickly.   I can’t say as I’m too surprised by the recent turn of events though, given GW’s history of litigation and Chapterhouse playing with fire.. who could’ve possibly seen this coming…

Japanese bone hilted shortsword (and scabbard) image from The Canterbury Auction Galleries.


14 comments on “Bone Sword Options for Tyranids

  1. If you warm up the scything talons in the warrior boxed set they make pretty decent bone swords. I made mine up in an afternoon and I’m perfectly happy with the results.

    Hmm, I should probably post a how to about that…

    • Please do so… and send me a link! I’ll happily add you to the list.

      Actually, there’s a chap locally that used what appear to be the scything
      talons from the MC boxed set (though they did look more dainty), to
      accomplish the same thing. I couldn’t get any good pics of his models
      though to include here.

  2. So this Xmas i got some cash and my nid force is getting filled out! I was wondering if you or Blaine had 6 Genestealers(or 5 and a BL) i could buy off of you sitting around?

      • i didn’t know Genestealers changed lol, i looked at the box of 8 for 30 bucks and said “WTF this model has been out sense i started playing…” So old style is totally fine and i have plenty of nid bits already to convert one of the 6 into my Broodlord.

        Let’s see previously i had bought 2 Tyrants and converted one into a Swarmlord because he’s super cool, the other is packin a HVC. Along with the Tyrants i got a Trygon and a Carnifex.

        So i went out and bought just yesterday 2 hive guard, 3 Tyrant Guard, 3 boxes of Termigaunts, and another Carnifex box.

        My current plan isn’t anything pro min maxed, just lots of big bugs to try out and see what i like and what works off paper. It actually has very little synergy…but whatever it’s a good start.

        2x Tyrant guard w/lash whips
        Hive Tryant w/HVC, Old Adversary
        Tyrant Guard

        2x Hive Guard

        20 man Termigaunt
        20 man Termigaunt
        Tervigon w/Catalyst, scything talons, toxin sacs, adrenal glands
        5 Genestealers w/+1 Broodlord w/scything talons

        Trygon w/Adrenal
        Carnifex w/HVC, adrenal
        Tyranofex W/rupture cannon

        Comes out just under 2k and i could rearrange some points, i was toying with whether the Tyrant should have Old ad. or the Tervigon, being a troop choice, should get Regen. I would like to use some zoans, lictors, Biovores, and flying things too at some point, not to mention all the cool characters in the book…but for now all i need to make this list is another box of Termigaunts(though ill need to hope the tervigon doesnt make to many babies before enough models are killed… i can always delay baby makin for a turn and it will probably be fine) and another Carnifex box (the one i got plus another is to make up the Tervigon and Tyranofex, plus ill order some large bases like the trygons from GW on monday). And the Stealers obviously.

      • One word: Magnets!

        That aside, I tend to think Regeneration isn’t worth it, unless you give it
        to a ton of things (or it’s on a Tyrannofex–but then, only if there just
        aren’t other things to shoot at). If you only have one regenerating
        creature, they can spread fire everyone else, or focus fire it down. If you
        give everything regen, they’re somewhat forced to focus fire things down.

        If you decide to go on another spending spree, you should let me know. I
        have two carnies still NIB that I’m debating on what to do with. Not sure
        if I want to assemble/paint them, or to just sell ’em. And I have a pretty
        well sorted bits box if you need other crap. Otherwise though, I don’t have
        too many spares (or rather, I have too many things that should be spares,
        but they’re already painted up, so I might as well keep them).

        By the way, what are you using for your Tyrannofex model?

      • So far i’v magnatized my Carni and normal Tyrant, i can’t even begin to imagine magnatizing the gaunts….i don’t see me using anything but fleshborers honestly, perhaps devourers some day but i don’t think theyre worth it overall. I’m not a fan of the Mawloc so i didn’t bother magnatizing the Trygon for it and really they don’t look that different anyway.

        I agree on regen i surely do, my thought was that the Tervigon is important as an end game troop choice and a buffer of the gaunts so of all the units i want to have regen it’s number 1, of course the T-fex would get better use of it but i don’t invision my opponent being too scared of it if they’ve played it before. That and the T-fex’s purpose is to pop big tanks before i get there, things like Monoliths and Raiders, so keeping it around all game isn’t really important in my mind. I dunno overall i would rather get more stuff for the points, but i think intially ill try out regen….plus regen is a great way to fill out your points while you get more models assembled/bought =)

        well i bought another Trygon box as Hobbycraft had only 1 carni in stock.

        so to convert up my Tyranofex and Tervigon i have a Trygon and Carni box, plus bits ect…. I had planned on using 2 carni’s and just waiting for another to come in, lord knows i have enough to do with my painting still not complete for the team tournie this month. But when i saw that the oval bases from GW are 4.50 each, i decided i would just nab the Trygon box and maybe make up the other oval base out of plasticard or somethin….

        So yeah i would probably be interested in your Carni boxes, i love Carni’s from back in the day when i had a couple of the originals and while im kinda sad theyre not what i want them to be stat wise in the new dex i’ll probably stubornly use them anyway. And i know Trygon’s are gonna rock so it wouldn’t break my heart to just make this one i bought up anyway so i have 2 available. mmmm plastic crack tastes sooo good lol.

        p.s. need a good Halloweeny name for my bugs, theyre gonna be black/orange!

      • I didn’t bother to mangetize gaunts. There really haven’t been reasons to
        do so in the past (and besides, most of mine are McCragge guants anyways).
        Typically there’s one variant that’s good, and they’re close enough to
        WYSIWYG for me. In the previous edition, spinefists ruled, now it’s
        fleshborers. Next… who knows? But until they come up with a reason to
        have more than one different weapon, it’s safe to assume all gaunts are
        armed the same.

        On the topic of names, my original thoughts are here:

        Looking at, gives us:

        1. Parentalia (the festival of the dead–also sounds like Genetalia, er..
        I mean tentacles..).
        2. SamHain (Already stolen by those silly pointy-ears)

      • Sauin = old celtic version of Samhain or Final harvest….um perfect?! That’s that, Hivefleet Sauin.

      • so yeah….i went back to strip my already painted nids because they were a sorta boring black and white. I’ll just go ahead and add stripping a stained nid to my list of bad ideas….i should have painted over it. The stain really doesnt wanna come out of all the groves and things that line every inch of a nid. That and apparently my swarmlord had some extra modeling done post base coat..only his legs, torso, and head stayed attached… oh my trygon decided to keep a store of paint bio toxin for later in his hollow torso, so i had to rip his head off to get that all out..

        sigh, to much to do but i wanna play with this Saturday if possible

      • Saturday? You mean at the church?

        Sorry to hear it didn’t go so well… but nice to know. Any chance you’re
        going to write up a blog post about it–or did the blog kind of die? I
        think it would make a great topic though, too disuade others from trying the
        same thing… or at least let them learn from your mistakes in general.

        Which one(s) did you strip?

      • blogs kinda dead, i dont have time and don’t much care tbh.

        Yeah ill be at the church Saturday, takin some people to an Aces game friday night. I stripped the 4 MC’s i already had painted up and stained, now i have to decide if i wanna stain again. It kinda ended up being more work then i assumed so im not real sure.

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