Christmas in the form of Pegasus Hobbies

Last year, I received exactly zero hobby related Christmas presents (unless you count the camera that I gave to my wife).  This year, in contrast, the only gifts I asked for were hobby related (well, and a hard drive to save movies to, but that’s another story).

For a a couple of years, I’ve been eye-balling various pieces of terrain from Pegasus Hobbies (you can see various pictures of the terrain at their site, but as of 12/17/2010 it’s apparently “down for maintenance).  Since I couldn’t think of any models I could justifiably ask people to spend money on, I filled my list with terrain options from Pegasus Hobbies. 

And Santa came through for me: by way of my wife and my other, and The War Store (my favorite online retailer).

Soon, I’ll post some reviews of their Technobridge, Gothic City Building (Large Set), Gothic City Ruins (Set 1), and their pre-painted River Set.  My initial reaction was that the pieces seem to be high quality, but they aren’t all quite what I was expecting.  From a cursory glance, I’m quite pleased with the lot, but hopefully I can help others understand what they’re buying before they commit.

In short, I had a fantastic holiday.  Of course, the gifts were but a small portion of the day.  Spending the day with my parents, and my in-laws reminds me how lucky I am.  

How about you?  Did Santa bring you everything you wanted for Christmas?

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