Secret Santa

Everyone loves a Secret Santa: who doesn’t want more presents!  This year, Librarium Online is hosting a Secret Santa for warhammer players, wherein each person chooses and paints a model for another person, and secretly exchanges them.

What a fantastic idea!  The only problem is that the due date for signing up was in September. 😦  My only question is: why wasn’t I informed of this earlier!?!?

I would’ve loved to participate in this.  It gives me a chance to paint something I might never otherwise have a chance to work on, all under the guise of giving to other people.  How perfect is that.  This is almost on par with the Super Blog Chain Giveaway (from Santa Cruz Warhammer).

Though it’s too late for anyone to sign up for this year’s Secret Santa, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year.  I’m not a big participator in online forums though, so I’m hoping that someone out there who is, will dutifully remind us here in the 40k blogosphere of this in advance!  Until then, we can revel in the images of the models that were given away this year as well as those that were traded last year.

There are some really great looking models in there.  I hope to have some of you join me in the frey next year!

Khorne Christmas image from


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