Another Day, Another Bio-Titan

With the painting requirements of my Tyranid army drawing to a close, it’s come to the point where I need to paint my second Hierophant.

Being the second of these beasts for me to paint, I took into consideration some things that went well on the previous one, and some that … well… didn’t.

The first change was that I didn’t take as much time to build up shades of colors across the skin and armor. Originally, I had worked up through 3-5 color variations from Ultramarine Blue through Ice Blue on the skin tones, and striated the bone with stripes of dilluted white (Work in Progress pictures here). The thing is, now that he’s been dipped, I can’t really see any of those marks on the finished product.

So, I’vde decided to skip the shading process, and rely on the might of the stain to pick up my slack in that area. I guess I could’ve taken the effort to make the highlights even more extreme–so that they’d show through the stain, but I’m not sure just how extreme that would need to be. Regardless, I’ve chosen to go with the route less painted.

Image of innards and rear squad markings

It took me a little more than a day to paint, including primering, drying time, and a considerable amount of idle TV time (yay for football Sundays). I’m sure a better painter could’ve done the whole thing faster (and to a higher standard, no doubt), but I’m content with the end result.

I went entirely with the same color scheme as I did on the first one, but opted to include “squad coloring” that I’ve been doing on my models. While I could’ve gone with the basic striping used on my gaunts, I felt the larger model needed something a little special, so I went with the same polka-dot pattern that I used on my third Trygon.

Except I never posted a picture of that model, did I?

Well, trust me, he’s bespeckled with little blue dots as well. So, why did I bother to leave squad markings on gargantuan creatures that obviously will never be in squads?

The answer is that I just wanted a way to distinguish them on the table. Granted, I don’t ever think there’ll be enough Hierophants in a game that I’ll get woefully confused as to which is which. Likely, I could’ve just annotated their wounds on a sheet of paper labeling one as “left” and one as “right,” but this gives them a little character, and sets them apart. Besides, I think the squad markings really pop when stained.

If you’re wondering why I put squad markings on one of my Trygons, but not the other, it’s because they’re different. Of the three I own, two are the newer plastic models, and one is a classic resin style. The resin one is slightly shorter, and his arms were miscast, so I used smaller variety scything talons (a la the Mawloc). Since I’ve magnetized all of their arms, and didn’t want to get them mixed up with the larger variety, I decided to use “squad markings” to differentiate.

By the way, did anyone else like the phrase “A la the Mawloc” used above? I know I sure did!

Well, that about does it for models to be painted… now it’s on to the dipping station!


18 comments on “Another Day, Another Bio-Titan

  1. So! Jealous! Send me one of them, you greedy pig! You can’t possibly need TWO!

    Looking good, though. Make sure to get us some close-ups as he nears completion.

    • Why settle for one when two is better?

      Two seems a bit ridiculous even to me, but I got a good deal for the pair
      from a friend that was getting out of the hobby. You know, one of those
      “too good to pass up” sort of things. So, why not?

  2. Very cool!

    I’ve got my Hierophant sitting on the painting table waiting to be assembled (for far too long). Other Hierophant build blogs I’ve seen have referenced the front scything talons which touch the table “bending” under the weight of the model (they cut the talons and pinned them back together to help them retain rigidness).

    Question. Did you have any issue with bending of the front talons? Are there any pins in the model beyond the four appendages. Also, did you not use the flesh hook that connect to the chest (I don’t know how I could keep them on there and still use the model for gaming)?

    I’m starting here shortly with the increased free time from the holidays. Any advice/experience you got from your two builds would be appreciated.


    • I actually received both of these models 2nd hand-so I’m not sure what you
      mean by the flesh-hooks on the chest (aside from the two thorny appendages
      in front of the chest, which are both there-painted blue and can be seen in
      the 2nd photo). And yes, both of my models experienced bending of the front
      talons over time. I honestly thought this was a fluke on my model so I
      didn’t go into it.

      The pictures aren’t super-high quality, so you can’t tell from them, but if
      you look at his left front leg (on the right side of the bottom picture,
      since he’s facing you), you can see some small divits in the talon. These
      were because of that bending. I held his leg in a vice and drilled a 3/64″
      bit into there, then snapped it off inside him, which makes him fairly
      rugged. I wouldn’t advise the same, because at the small point in his
      talon, it’s bigger than the bit, so it took a little finesse, some patience,
      and some bad craftsmanship (covered up later by super glue and paint).

      I contemplated doing a post on the whole process, but I thought it was a
      fluke on these models–perhaps because of something their previous owner had
      done to them. I just figured the damage they had on them was the
      justification for the low price I paid.

      My other Hiero can be seen warping (And chipping) in this photo:

      As for other pins, you can see his tongue has been replaced with one from a
      Carnifex, because I wasn’t given the original forked tongue, so naturally
      this is pinned as well, and while I was at it, I pinned the arms, and all of
      the back spines (since they were loose when given to me, I assumed it
      couldn’t hurt).

    • Oh, as a side note, I’ve now taken to storing my hierophants laying on their
      side… Since they very rarely see a table top, it seems to help slow the
      decay tremendously–though I really should just pin the other one and be
      done with it.

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