The Last Hormagaunt

With this squad, I’ve officially painted my last legal model for my Tyranid army.   I say “legal” because I do need to paint the 2nd Hierophant, but otherwise, this army is done.  Well, I did dig through my closet and found enough parts to make a few extra mycetic spores, so I’ll do that before I start the massive process of staining and basing the army.

But, from where I stand now, it’s entirely plausible that I’ll actually complete this New Year’s Resolution, and have the entire army painted and based by the end of December. 

Just what does one do when they run out of models to paint?  Am I actually to go out and play the game?  Or do I just buy another army?….


10 comments on “The Last Hormagaunt

  1. you get very very bored when you run out of models or if it is too cold to prime them 😦 if so purchase black ops great for when your cold and have noting to paint!!!!

    • It’s always too cold to prime them in Alaska–that’s why God invented

      Do you mean Call of Duty: Black Ops? I haven’t played first person shooters
      in years… I just can’t get into them anymore (since Quake2)–though I
      really could see myself picking up a copy of Starcraft2…

  2. Or you can do what i did a few year ago…have an army for over 10 years paint on it for the whole time off and on, then decide one day that you don’t like the way you painted it and strip the whole thing and start over….that’s the story of my Dark Angels, some of those models had paint on them since like ’90-91. On the upside the new paint looks fantastic

    • I’d love to see them. Got any pics online?

      As for repainting existing models, I’m not a fan (then again, I’ve not been
      a fan of painting in general)–especially when there are other models left
      unpainted. I suspect I’ll wind up focusing on my Ultramarines, which are
      relatively close to being finished as well–or expanding to some imperial
      guard models…

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