Pink Tyranids

Whatever happened to the Pink Tyranid blog?  It used to be available at, but now it seems to be curiously absent.  It’s kind of sad, because he was seen by many as some sort of authority on Tyranids.

In loving memory of that blog, I present to you, some of my final ‘Nids for painting, in all they’re pink glory.  With these last models down, I have only one more squad of hormagaunts left to paint before I can consider the army completely painted. 

Oh, and that pesky Hierophant.

But doesn’t something always come up?  I’m sure that once I dip these, I’ll find some stray model somewhere that needs to be painted.  And really, is any army ever truly complete?  Off the top of my head, I’m sure I could use a couple more hive guard, some lash whips for my warriors, a carnifex or two, and some more mycetic spores.

But from what I already own, I think I’m pretty close to “done.”  Of course, I still need to dip it all, and then comes the nightmare that is basing an entire army all at once.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it…


12 comments on “Pink Tyranids

      • Hey man, as Lefteris says I found that having a blog was too much of a distraction from my degree (History and Teaching) so I decided to leave it be. The same can be said for pretty much all my hobby during term time these days.

        Unfortunately it seemed that this was not acceptable to some keyboard hero’s and after one too many petulant and demanding emails telling me how rubbish I was for neglecting my blog I decided to permanently clean my inbox of said emails by removing the blog. Yes I know kinda sad but hey.

        I don’t actually have an achieve of any posts, sorry was not something I considered.

        I will no doubt start a similar blog up in the future once my degree is finished.

        All I can say is thanks for all those who appreciated what I was trying to do and if your in the UK I might see you at the Independent UK 40K GT in March at Maelstrom Games (I am one of the organisers).


      • Like I said keyboard heroes. I used to have to continually delete/mod comments when people used to reply to my tacticas and army lists with things along the lines of “you suck, I win, go learn how to play you noob.” (though sometimes a lot less polite).

        Anyway back to my essay on Tridentine Reform within the Epochal administrative systems…

      • It’s unfortunate that you had to stop, but I completely understand. I
        too am easily distracted by hobbies (or various shiny things), so if
        putting the blog away completely is the best way to focus on things
        that matter, more power to you. I, like the rest of the blogging
        world, eagerly await your return.

        As for seeing you at the GT, I wish that I could, but I’m halfway
        across the world, in Alaska. Though, if you do get the hankering to
        leave a blog post now and again, I’d be happy to create a guest
        blogging account on wh39999 if you want, but you’d have to promise
        that it wouldn’t get in the way of your studies. 🙂

        Best of luck on the degree!

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