The Last Ymgarl

Another week, another painted model.  This time, I’m finishing up my third (and final) squad of Ymgarl Genestealers.  If you aren’t a regular reader of the blog, I’m using the classic plastic genestealer models as my standard ‘stealers, and the newer versions as either my brood lords, or Ymgarls.

Originally, my intent was to use new models with talons as the lords, and those without as standard Ymgarls.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the new style models with straight claws lying around, so this, my last squad of Ymgarls, is armed with talons.  The way to distinguish them from the brood lords then is both with the head markings (lords have a band that circles the head, while these only have their lower head painted), along with the red fleshy bits around the scything talons.

It’s subtle, but it was alot cheaper than buying another squad of stealer models (or the arms to swap all these out). 

From what I can tell, this brings the unpainted model list down to a single Hierophant, and 40 gaunts.  Think I can knock those out in a week?


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