Ymgarls or Genestealers?

So, I’ve decided that the difference between traditional ‘stealers and those of the Ymgarl variety basically comes down to armor (as that’s the one difference that holds true in all cases).  Arm swaps or head swaps might look neat, but they’re ultimately more pricey, so I’ve opted to set my differing point as armor: classic genestealers will represent their namesake, while Ymgarls will be represented with the newer style “armored” stealer models. 

Now, I do have 10 new-style models already painted up, so I guess that means that I’m already 1/3 of the way through what I need to finish the army.  With this new squad, I’m officially 2/3rds of the way.

Again, as with the rest of my Tyranids, there’s nothing fancy about the paint jobs: Ultramarine Blue basecoat, with Bleached Bone carapace, Tentacle Pink tongues, Skull White teeth, and Blood Red eyes–with the occassional squad marking.  They’re quick and easy to complete and, once dipped, they do turn out rather purty (especially when seen as an army).

Well, these are added to the pre-dipping table, and I’m off to paint my last squad of Ymgarls now…  Thanks for dropping by!


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