500 Point Tournament Recap

Dan’s IGuard

 Well, this past Saturday was the “Wee Little Vicious, Cut-Throat, Poke’em inna Eye Tournament.”  In layman’s terms, it was our 500 point tourney, that I’ve been brainstorming lists for over the past month.   If the rules look oddly familiar, it’s probably because they’re based upon the combat patrol rules for Adepticon, with some minor exceptions: an extra 100 points, inclusion of 2 wound Monstrous Creatures (ie. Necron Tomb Spiders), etc. 

Charles’ Demons

I debated whether or not to play up until the day before the tourney, but ultimately decided to sit out because my wife had committed me to another event that clashed, but I was able to drop by and check out a few battles, as well as judging of the painting competition.  As a result, you’ll see pictures of the armies throughout this post.  Feel free to click on these pictures for larger versions.  

Kurt’s Wolves

As far as attendance, twelve people showed up to play, with a couple of straglers (like me), sitting around watching.  The battles ran over 16 tables, which made for a good variety of terrain.  Army selection was equally varried, having 10 different codices represented of the 12 participants.  The only ones absent were the Dark Eldar, Tyranids (for obvious reasons), and the Inquisition books.  

Jeremy’s Chaos

From what I saw, everyone played clean games, and they all seemed to be having a good time.  I was a little surprised by this, as my opinion is that tournies bring out the uber-competitive side of people, whereas this seemed to have the opposite effect: people seemed to be on their best behavior.  Perhaps they were just doing so in order to get extra sportsmanship points to win the tourney, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that they’re just decent people. 

For prizes, there were a few door prizes given away in the form of some Necromunda gangs, and some classic bulk-head era 40k terrain.  Additionally, there were hand-made trophies given out to winners of various categories: 1st place, 2nd place, best appearance, and best sportsman.  Last year, the tournament organizer, Andrew, came up with the concept of the “Golden Goblins,” and he carried the theme on to this year’s trophies.  Each was individually casted from hirst-arts molds, decorated with various appropriately painted grots.  The winners of each are displayed below, along with their trophies:

“Me is King ‘o Da Hill, Ma!” 

(First Place) 

Eric 1 (Biel-Tan Eldar) 

War-walkers, Dire Avengers, Scorpions, & Jetbikes 

“Oi!  Me’ll Bash You Yet!” 

(Second Place) 

Eric 2 (Saim-Hann Eldar) 

War-walkers, Jetbikes, & Vypers 

“Me is Da Glitt!” 

(Best Appearance) 

Cole from 08ak1 (Space Wolves) 

Complete list posted here 

“You’s Me Friend, Eh?” 

(Best Sportsman) 

Tony (Blood Angels) 

Assault Squad, Devs, Priest, Razorback, & Attack Bikes 

Chris’ ‘Crons

Now, I wasn’t there for all of the games, but from what I can tell, the prizes were well deserved.  I can certainly say that Cole’s army was the prettiest one there–which isn’t to say the others were great, but I liked what Cole did with the bases.  The other Space Wolves and the Orks did give him a run for his money, and they’d have certainly had a chance if they’d all been completely painted and based).  For sportsmanship, though everyone seemed to be on their best behavior, Tony really is a nice guy, and deserved the recognition. 

I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to attend, as it seemed like great fun.  I also think I’d have had a decent shot to 

Jason’s Orks

 walk away with best appearance, and that trophy was my personal favorite.  There’s something funnyabout a grot looking into a mirror…  Oh well, I guess there’s always next year, right?

Jeff’s Tau

Well, congratulations to everyone who won, and indeed to everyone who played.  I hope to see you all in the Apocalypse game that’s rumored to be happening in December.  Also, a big “thank you” goes out to Andrew for putting on another successful tourney–they’re alot of work, and typically prevent him from playing in them.  They’re a lot of work to orchestrate: reserving space, organizing prize support, creating trophies, judging everything, etc.  I’m sure everyone involved is grateful for all that you do.


3 comments on “500 Point Tournament Recap

  1. I did get 2nd place for painting… I think it has something to do with the fact those tau were painted ohhh… 9 months ago? I’m improving quick and have my next tau army almost ready for painting, now I just need an airbrush… Got any experience on that front Rob?

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