Orange You Glad to Be Done with Genestealers?

I know I am… well, sort of.

These 10 genestealers mark the last of the squads for Hive Fleet Proteus.  Well, the last squad of ‘stealers that is–which isn’t even 100% true.  To be more accurate, this marks the last full squad of normal genestealers for my army, though I still have two more squads of Ymgarls to paint up (already in progress).

They’re couldn’t be farther from Golden Demon quality, and I really should’ve cleaned the mold lines off them, but they’re close enough for a horde.  I don’t field genestealers much, and certainly not in packs of 60+, so I don’t expect these guys to hit the table more than a couple of times.  Between that, and the fact that I’m tired of painting bugs now (it’s been over a year straight trying to get this army painted), I’m ok with some “imperfections.”

Well, on that note… it’s back to the front for me!  So… close…


2 comments on “Orange You Glad to Be Done with Genestealers?

    • Thanks.

      I have a feeling the lower quality of my photos just doesn’t give you
      a good enough idea of the skill going into these models. For the most
      part, my Tyranids are REALLY basic paint jobs (especially the rank and
      file). There’s little more than a blue basecoat, and bone armor. I
      just try to keep the lines clean, and let the stain do the rest. I do
      appreciate the compliment, but don’t feel like I deserve it.

      Congrats again on the muchkin. 🙂

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