Tiny Broodlords

I’ve been pondering for a while now what model to use as broodlords for my army.  Granted, there is an official GW model available, but I’ve never been overly fond of the figure, and at $20 a piece, I have a hard time justifying spending $120 to allow one for each of my squads of ‘stealers.

Other variations I’ve pondered are to use the Broodlord models from Space Hulk–which are just larger versions of the new ‘stealer variant.  They are quite cool, but acquiring them involves paying $100 a piece for 6 copies of the board game, or picking them up via ebay (for a little more than $20 each).  It also means breaking up more sets of a great game though, and while it’s not a big deal now, they’ll become scarce again in the future, and it’s such a great game, I have a hard time doing that.

Another path I considered was using the Inquisitor scale “purestrain” model (sample pic here).  It’s even larger than the official broodlord model, and since it’s out of print, it’s even harder to find.  Most of the time, when I’ve seen them, they go for about $40 each.  I actually wound up buying one, but I wasn’t happy with the look.  I didn’t feel the sculpt was up to par, so I resold it on ebay.

So, three suitable models considered… none chosen.  Seeing an army almost completed, I chose to go through my bitz box and see what I had left.  When scrounging through, I had enough tentacle heads, and scything talons to equip six new style ‘stealers, and decided to go with it.  The only downside here is that they’re smaller than the official model (something I could overcome by putting them on larger bases), but they seem an effective solution to me for a couple of reasons:

  1. They’re easily distinguished from the squads.  This is especially true because all of my normal (read: not Ymgarl) ‘stealers use the older models.  So between the scything talons, feeder tendrils, and different armor, they look significantly different.
  2. The additional armor fits well with the fact that the Broodlord itself has a higher armor save (which could potentially describe the additional wounds as well).

Brood Lord in Squad

So, with that in mind I put together six models and painted them up.  Granted, I only have five painted squads of genestealers, but that just means I need to paint another, right?

The first picture shows all six painted broodlords (clockwise from top left: yellow, orange, plain, pink, green, blue), and the second shows one leading a sample squad.  As you can see, he’s easily distinguishable from the rest of the members, so I think it works out well.  I’ve also decided to use the newer body style as Ymgarls, so I was careful to use a seperate head for my Broodlords.  To make it even more obvious, I might not give Ymgarls scything talons and/or alternate their squad markings.  We’ll see…

10 comments on “Tiny Broodlords

    • That’s a good point, and I wondered what people thought about it. Do you
      feel it’s necessary to give him a bigger base? Since they’re already
      assembled (and the stain will just make a sloppy mess of the bases anyway),
      there’s no point to upgrading them now, but I can do that after I dip

      • such is the rules of 40k, larger base size is a slight disadvantage as it makes it hard to be missed by blast weapons among other things.
        However there is only the ruling saying you can’t model for advantage, so if you feel the smaller base isn’t that big a deal and your opponents agree your fine. I suspect most people wouldn’t even realize the lord is a bigger base.

      • I think you hve to do it since the broodlord has a base to base special ability.The first time it slips through a 1 inch gap to hit the power fist guy with the special attack your opponent will frown.The first time I wrap my squad around him and the power fist is convently not touching you will be frowning.Also with the different base size it’s very clear to you opponent what it is.

      • To save in re painting time just glue on the right sizes base to the one it’s on now. Not the best thing but you can now just add some rubble to the 40mm bace and no one will see the 25mm bace.

      • I think his comment should be read more like ,

        “Since you have already glued them to a base and finished that base the easiest route to rebasing is to glue it to a larger base”

        But as you have stated your not done with the bases this isn’t really an issue.

  1. I vote for this: normal stealers have normal broodlords, ymarggl (sp? Whatever.) stealers get a space hulk broodlord. The space hulk one is simply too pretty to pass up, but too hard to come by to give to every squad.

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