More Painted 'Stealers

10 more ‘stealers to add to the army, bringing the grand total to 50 (plain, blue, yellow, green, and now pink).  The pink in my army originally started simply as a tongue color, but after seeing how that color turned out when dipped, it sold me on light-colored squad markings. 

So, these get added to the table of models that are awaiting to be dipped, and brings me dangerously close to having a completely painted force.  I know I have a Hierophant left, and some mycetic spores.  Other than that, there are some gaunts (already in progress), and I know I have a bunch of stealers lying around, I just don’t know whether to sell them or paint them.  I’ll likely paint up one more squad, and then try to find something suitable to use as either Ymgarls and/or Broodlords (by the way, I’m open to suggestions here).

Other than that, I’m pretty much finished… unless I get crazy and buy more stuff (or find any other spare models in the back of a closet somewheres).  Think it’s possible to finish by the end of the year?  I know it was a goal of mine, but it seems like a really lofty one.

I guess time will tell…


5 comments on “More Painted 'Stealers

  1. I see that you are using the older ‘classic’ stealers like me. 🙂 What I’m planning on doing for Ymgarls is getting the newer gaunt looking, ugly stealers and putting the feeder heads on them. Alternatviely you could just cut the head off of a classic one, greenstuff some tentacles in place and say they are “Rogue trader” era Ymgarls.

    I am inspired by your colored squads and may have to revisit my own squad markings. I simply used brood markings on or about the head to distinguish so far. It’s tough to tell the ‘freckles’ from the ‘liver spots’ sometimes. Colored head markings would help in this greatly.

    • I think your idea on differentiating ymgarls from standard squads is
      spot on, but I’d rather not sink more money into it. I think what
      I’ll wind up using your suggestion, only without the head swaps: old =
      stealers, new = ymgarls. That way they’ll be easy to distinguish, and
      make some sense (based upon the additional armor).

      I’m glad you took some inspiration from this. I guess it goes to
      prove that even horrible paint jobs can be beneficial if shared. 🙂
      If you’re looking into colored squads, I have a few suggestions (I
      should make a post on this in general one day), but the abridged
      version is: Choose a location for the colors that stands out. I
      chose the side of the heads/tails of my gaunts, and from a bird’s eye
      view, it’s hard to see them. That’s why I went with the claws on the
      stealers, so I could tell more quickly who belongs in which squads.

      If you want another idea for a clever way to distinguish squads
      without making them appear rainbowy, check out Rushputin’s
      bloodletters over at Warpstone Pile. He differentiates units by the
      location of blood splatters. Link below:

    • Man everytime i try and paint on some sort of squad marking i end up regreting it as i break the units up for different lists… shoot i can barely keep the same weapons on models half the time =)

      • Well, I’ve got a couple of strategies to combat that. With my ‘nids, it’s
        easy because every squad is identical, and they can’t really have any
        upgrades to speak of–so there’s no real reason to mix them up. With my
        marines, I might be tempted to mix things up though, and that’s where the
        magnets come in! 🙂

      • The real solution is to just buy more models! At least that’s what i tell my wife needs to be done.

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